My “New-Year Message” of hope and optimism – By Dr Michael J.K. Bokor

The writer, Dr Michael J.K. Bokor

My good friends, as we bid farewell to the year 2013, it is my wish, hope, and prayer that we will look forward to 2014 and beyond with optimism and the resolve to pursue our objectives to the best of our abilities.

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Indeed, 2013 came with its challenges and is leaving us with more to ponder as we take the next step into the unknown future. Will we say that we have learnt the lessons that 2013 taught us, even as it challenged us and took some of us to the breaking point?

Fortunately, we didn’t “break” and are still on our feet, bracing up for more challenges as 2014 rears its head. It has always been my understanding that life is a giant classroom into which all of us have been dumped to learn the lessons that it teaches. In its entirety, though, “life may be war” and we are equipped to fight it on its own terms. If we can bend it to suit our mundane purposes, fine; if we cannot do so, we will concentrate attention on doing all we can for the “life” hereafter.

The going may still be rough and tormenting for some of us; but I am more than convinced that with persistence, perseverance, self-discipline, and dedication to our chosen causes, we should succeed.

We need to know that life is not based on any formula; it is not meant to be easy-going for all, especially for those of us who have no legacy to hug and immediately, painlessly, launch our lives in a whirlwind fashion to success and bliss. But we won’t give up and will use our God-given talents to achieve our stated objectives in life.

Mine has not been easy-going, but I have never given up at any point in life. I have used all means to stay afloat and reach the appointed station in life that my Maker appointed for me. There is still more ground to cover. Yours is ahead of you, my good friends. Stay firm and resolute!!

All you need to do is to discover yourselves and define the strategies for accomplishing your objectives. No matter how much resolved you may be to chart a new path in life or to eschew the unproductive habits and attitudes of mind, nothing can ensure your success if you don’t take the first step to know who you are and why you do (or fail to do ) things the way they should be done (or not done).

The key is: self-discovery and a renewal of one’s spirit and faith in one’s own abilities.

The external forces may attempt frustrating efforts and deflecting us from our paths; but we shouldn’t bow to them. We should resist them, even as we rededicate ourselves to our cause(s) in life.

I leave you with one aphorism: If God sends you on a stony path, he will provide the footwear for you to do the walking. You won’t get hurt at all. All you have to do is to face the challenges and do the walking.

May we resolve to work for the good of our country and fellow citizens; for the good of all humanity; and for the benefit of our world. We have only one life to live—and life is too short to toy with. Let’s purpose in our hearts to do all we can to support each other as we move along in this troubled, sickened world, where there is no time to stand and stare. Life may be full of cares and fears, but we won’t despair. May success crown our efforts.

I have insisted all along that the world is running fast, and for us to catch up with it, we must run too; if we walk, it will run away and leave us behind.

God willing, we will continue to interact on this forum to bounce ideas off each other for common good. I wish you all a happy and prosperous 2014.

I shall return…

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