www.africanewsanalysis.com reaches the African market, peoples of African descent and friends of Africa in all countries on all continents of the world. Our website reaches all those interested in news, features and analysis of events that impact on the continent of Africa. Companies wishing to reach members of the Group of African Ambassadors within the European Union with their message on products that they want to promote should talk to us.

At www.africanewsanalysis.com, our numerous advertising options can assist any client in reaching its target audience, whatever the annual budget. Our integrated marketing options allows your company to be seen by a wider global audience. And with a specially tailored marketing package, we can ensure that your advertising dollar receives maximum exposure for the highest return on your investment.

www.africanewsanalysis.com is the only publication that puts you at the forefront of the burgeoning African market in particular while gaining international recognition.

www.africanewsanalysis.com offers a cost-effective alternative to advertising in the mainstream media – radio, television and newspapers.

Starting from a very reasonable budget per month for top banner format 720×90 as well as for standard banner 300×250, our clients’ messages reach millions of our readers. We also offer a custom-sized banner of 200×100 pixels which is permanently placed on www.africanewsanalysis.com a very popular website among members of the African communities in Europe, the United States and on the African continent itself as well as friends of Africa.

We also offer geo-targeting for all display formats at no extra costs. This facility was introduced by us to make advertising on www.africanewsanalysis.com very affordable even if you have a modest advertising budget.

Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can be of help.

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