Promising prospects for ILA 2010

A400 M military transport to make its world debut –
Some 100 conferences will be featured –
Flying display programme will include series of shows: “100 Years of the ILA” –
Switzerland is partner country of ILA 2010 –
1,100 exhibitors expected from 40 countries

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Berlin, 22 April 2010 – With applications already at the record level of the previous event the ILA 2010 looks set for even more success. Some 1,100 exhibitors from around 40 countries are expected at the International Aerospace Exhibition that will take place from 8 to 13 June on the southern section of Berlin-Schönefeld Airport. For the first time exhibitors from Australia, Finland, Mexico, Monaco, Sweden, Singapore, Turkey and Tunisia will be represented at this international aerospace trade show. The partner country of the ILA 2010 is Switzerland, which is also celebrating a special anniversary this year, “100 Years of Swiss Aviation”. Based on applications already received, there will be substantially increased involvement by the USA and Japan, and by European countries. The event will also be boosted by the displays by the German aerospace industry. The joint stand organized by the BDLI will itself include some 40 exhibitors and occupy an area of more than 1,000 square metres, a substantial increase compared with the ILA 2008. (2008: 26 / 672m²). The leading international exhibitors will include Airbus, AgustaWestland, Antonov, Arianespace, Astrium, Beriev, Bell Helicopter Textron, Boeing, Bombardier, CAE, Diamond, Diehl, EADS, Eurocopter, ESA, General Atomics, Irkut Corp-oration, Ivchenko, Liebherr Aerospace, Lufthansa Technik, Lockheed Martin, MiG Russian Aircraft Corporation, MD Helicopters, MTU, Northrop Grumman, OHB, Oboronprom Russian Helicopters, Pratt & Whitney, Raytheon, Rheinmetall, Rockwell Collins, Rolls-Royce, RUAG, Sikorsky and Thales.

In comparison with the previous ILA considerable expansion is taking place in a number of individual sections of the ILA 2010, such as the International Suppliers’ Center (ISC), the HeliCenter and CareerCenter. The “Path of Innovation” follows a common theme dealing with selected projects dealing with innovative aspects of the whole range of topics associated with the “Environment”. For the experts there will be some 100 conferences focusing on all areas of the aerospace industry.

Numerous debuts and highlights among the aircraft on display

This presentation of the very latest developments in the aerospace industry will include aircraft of all sizes and categories, on the ground and in the air. The most spectacular international debut will be that of the Airbus A400 M military transport aircraft, which will also be showing off its paces in flight during the event. A special version of the Airbus A380, Lufthansa’s first mega-airliner, is expected to make an appearance at the opening of ILA 2010. On 6 June the world’s largest passenger aircraft will take off on its first long haul flight from Frankfurt to Johannesburg, and among the passengers will be the German national football team, together with their trainer and some 150 football fans, who will be making their way to the World Cup in South Africa. Lufthansa’s new flagship will then be landing at the ILA and will subsequently commence regular services from Frankfurt. During the ILA another A380 belonging to the airline Emirates is expected to put in an appearance. Equipped with the latest avionics, the CH-53GA (German Advanced) transport helicopter, is also making its international debut at the ILA 2010. Another newcomer at the ILA will be the Dornier 228 NG (New Generation) from RUAG. The 19-seat 228NG incorporates the latest avionics (glass cockpit) and a new five-bladed propeller.

There are plenty of new developments on show in the helicopter sector, including the S-92, a twin-engined, mid-sized multi-role transport helicopter from the American company Sikorsky, which is making its first appearance at the ILA. In its civilian version it will primarily be used to supply oil and gas platforms (offshore) and for search-and-rescue (SAR) operations. Another new light helicopter, also from Sikorsky, will be the
S-434, for general purpose and training use, which is powered by a single turbine. The first orders were received in 2009 from the Ministry of the Interior of Saudi Arabia. The AgustaWestland EH101, also designated as the AW101 since 2007, has been developed for transport purposes, initially for the military, and will be followed later by a civilian version. The new Bell 429 is a nine-seater with twin turbines, from the American manufacturer Bell Helicopters. The Bell 429 is fitted with a four-bladed, variable speed main rotor and can be supplied either with a retractable landing gear or with skids.

The Antares research aircraft from the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) is bound to attract a lot of attention. The DLR-H2 is the world’s first manned aircraft to be powered solely by fuel cells, enabling it to take off, fly and land without producing any CO2 emissions. It is powered by hydrogen, which reacts with the oxygen in the air in a direct electrochemical process to produce electrical energy without requiring combustion. The sole end product of this particle-free reaction is water.

The latest European combat aircraft, the Eurofighter (EADS) and Gripen (Saab), will be on show at the ILA. Among the more unusual exhibits will be the Grob G520 Egrett, a special-purpose aircraft with a wingspan of 30 metres and intended for a variety of uses, including guidance of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles).

For the first three days (8 – 10 June) admission to the ILA will be restricted to trade visitors only. Among the attractions for the general public at the weekend (11 – 13 June) will be a spectacular programme of flying displays, with a series of presentations marking the 100th anniversary of the world’s oldest air show. The rapid pace of development in aviation from the earliest days up to the present will be documented by at least one aircraft from each decade, including a Douglas DC-3 from 1934, a Messerschmitt Me-262 (1942) and a North American Rockwell OV10-Bronco (1965).

Strong US presence gives additional boost to ILA 2010

Just two months before the start of the ILA Berlin Air Show 2010 a large American participation has already been announced. US exhibitors will be led by such well-known manufacturers as Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Bell Helicopter and Sikorsky, and will also include smaller, highly specialized suppliers, for example AeroVironment, General Atomics, Breeze Eastern, Parker Aerospace, Vision Systems and Wipaire. As the European continent’s most important trade show for the aerospace industry the ILA 2010 is an ideal platform for US companies to meet with business partners and customers from all over the region and from further afield. A U.S. Ambassador’s Reception will take place during the ILA, when leading representatives of the government and the US military will be meeting with numerous American firms and with their German partners.

Partner country Switzerland announces large presentation

With a combined display providing a representative look at the country’s aviation capabilities Switzerland will emphasizing its role as the partner country of the ILA 2010. “For our aerospace industry Germany is the single most important business partner in Europe”, according to Peter Dietrich, Director of the Swissmem association. “Consequently participation in the ILA provides an important platform for contacts for our industrialists.” In addition to more aircraft, numerous delegations from business and politics, and a particular favourite with the public, the “Patrouille Suisse”, are expected at the Berlin Air Show. The following have already registered as exhibitors on the Swiss combined stand: Aeroex Aeronautical Support for Experts GMBH, Aerolite Max Bucher AG Luftfahrttechnik, AirWork & Heliseilerei GmbH, armada International, Atrikon GmbH, ACUTRONIC Switzerland Ltd, CARUSO & FREELAND, CES Creative Electronic Systems SA, COLIBRYS SA, FRANKE AG, Imbach + Cie AG, Jet Aviation Management AG Management, Nickel-Contor AG, Lemania Energy SA, LEONI Studer AG, Listemann AG, Otto Suhner AG, Patrouille Suisse, Precicast SA, Rega Schweiz, Rettungsflugwacht, REVUE THOMMEN AG, RUAG Schweiz AG, Sauter Bachmann AG, Sergas AG, Starrag Heckert Technology AG, Swiss Aeronautical Industries Group, Swiss Space Industries Group, SWISSMEM, Varioprint AG, Variosystems AG

Path of Innovation

This year the ILA is again providing a special form of guidance and assistance for its visitors: exhibitors will be presenting the latest innovations in eco-efficiency and environmental compatibility using a virtual platform, featuring the whole range of innovative capabilities in this field. Contributions will cover every aspect of aviation and space flight, beginning on the ground with helicopter pilot training concepts that are designed to conserve resources. Environmentally responsible activities will be covered in their entirety, from new kinds of materials for use in aircraft construction to ecological concepts for moving aircraft on the ground and in the air, and components for earth observation systems intended to assist with environmental protection.

ILA HeliCenter: helicopters, technologies, missions and trends

The HeliCenter at the ILA 2010 will be more international than ever before. Major helicopter manufacturers and suppliers to the industry will be exhibiting on the southern section of Berlin-Schönefeld Airport, in particular AgustaWestland, Bell Helicopters, Eurocopter, MD Helicopters, Robinson and Sikorsky, making the ILA 2010 the year’s most important European meeting place for the helicopter sector. The strong involvement by the international rotary wing market reflects this sector’s optimistic expectations following two difficult years. With the scope of its exhibits, its own heliport and a dedicated conference programme, the ILA HeliCenter is the ideal marketing platform for everything connected with helicopters and with their civilian and military applications now and in the future. The ILA HeliCenter focuses on areas such as air transport, air rescue, civil protection and emergency services, after sales service, MRO, flight training and the entire range of military applications. The exhibitors and their exhibits provide a representative cross-section of current helicopter missions. These include the latest military products such as the NH 90 tactical transporter, the Tiger combat and support helicopter, the CH 53 GA heavy transporter, the latest police and rescue helicopters such as the EC 135, Bell 429 and MD 902, as well as models intended for VIP transport, training and commercial air services (including the R 22 and R 44, EC 120, EC 155, BO 105). On show for the first time will be the US Army’s UH 72 Lakota. Each day there will be a spectacular aerobatic display by the Red Bull BO 105. The presence of the providers of cost-effective, efficient and on-time maintenance and repairs, as well as of training and advanced training of ground and flight crews with the aid of simulators reflects the growing importance of all these aspects.

ILA 2010 trade fair, an essential platform for space flight

Among aerospace trade shows the ILA 2010 has no equals in terms of its informative and entertaining displays devoted to the “Space Flight” sector. The space flight section in Hall 9 includes the ILA Space Pavilion, the directly adjacent Space Conference Area and the ILA Space World. With these features the ILA 2010 encompasses the entire scope of European space flight activities and underlines its standing as the year’s most import-ant meeting place for decision-makers from politics, industry, agencies, research and science as well as civilian and military users. The ILA Space Pavilion at the ILA 2010 is supported by the European Space Agency ESA, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology BMWi, the German Aerospace Centre DLR and German Aerospace Industries Association BDLI and focuses on the main European and German space flight programmes. Taking as its slogan “Our mission: the planet”, the Space Pavilion examines such applications of space technology as “Earth Observation”, “Navigation” and “Telecommunications” as well as “Science”, ”Exploration”, “Manned Space Flight/ISS” and “Access to Space” . Visitors can expect an exhibition that appeals to the emotions, provides a close look at space flight and emphasizes its importance for the earth. The “Spaceflight Experience” becomes even more tangible with the inclusion of actual hardware such as an original engine from the Ariane 5 launcher. With the “ILA Space World” the ILA 2010 is the only trade show in Europe to devote a display area to space agencies and the space industry.

ISC introduces International Buyers’ Day

The International Suppliers Center (ISC) has received the largest number of applications from the equipment and supply sector since it was set up in 2006. Intended to serve as a “fair within a fair”, this section of the display at the world’s oldest aerospace trade show will be attracting well over 60 per cent more exhibitors than in 2008. The ISC will be open during the three trade visitors’ days at the ILA, from 8 to 10 June. Some 250 exhibit-ors from 16 countries (ILA 2008: 146 / 9 countries) will be presenting their products and services on an area measuring over 5,000 square metres in Hall 11 on the southern section of Berlin-Schönefeld Airport. Approximately half of the exhibitors will be coming from abroad and for the first time trade visitors will be able to examine exhibits from Belgium, Finland, India, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan and Tunisia. The International Buyers’ Day on 9 June is a new feature at the ILA 2010 and provides an exclusive opportunity for exhibitors at the ISC to conduct direct B2B discussions with buyers from leading international OEMs and 1st tier suppliers. Some 60 leading procurement specialists from OEMs and 1st tier suppliers have already announced their intention of attending the ISC and of taking part in the International Buyers‘ Day.

German Armed Forces

The various armed forces and military organizational divisions, comprising the Army, Air Force, Navy, Joint Medical Service and Joint Support Service, are taking part using the slogan “ILA 2010 – Bundeswehr Meeting Point”. Here Germany’s armed forces, the Bundeswehr, are showing how a modern army is deployed. As part of the “Joint Relief” exercise 40 aircraft will be used in a live presentation of a joint armed forces scenario showing potential missions involving combinations of the widest possible range of capabilities. These exercises will include close air support using combat aircraft, landing troops by helicopter and the evacuation of hostages as well as permanently securing airspace by means of combat helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. The Bundeswehr Meeting Place will offer visitors an extensive range of exhibits including large items of military hardware and all the aircraft currently in service, from the Eurofighter to the Tiger helicopter and the MedEvac Airbus. The Heron UAV, which the Bundeswehr has been using since March 2010 for reconnaissance in Afghanistan, will be one of the eagerly awaited exhibits.

A new feature: joint Air Force / BDLI pavilion

For the first time the successful cooperation between the German air force and the military hardware companies in the German aerospace industries will be the subject of a jointly planned exhibition pavilion at the ILA 2010. Trade visitors and the general public will be able to see the results of this cooperation between the air force and the BDLI member companies Autoflug, EADS Defence&Security, Eurocopter, MTU and Rolls-Royce. This will form part of the overall Bundeswehr presentation (Display 1). The Air Force/BDLI joint pavilion could be thought of like the pits on a race track. Visitors will be able to watch a Eurofighter engine being replaced live, as well as the examination and complete overhaul of the ejector seat on a combat aircraft. Technicians will demonstrate how the turbine blades on a helicopter are removed, and experts from the air force and the industry will explain how the information on a flight data recorder on a UH TIGER is evaluated.

ILA CareerCenter presents opportunities for jobseekers in the high-tech sector

According to recent statements by the Association of German Engineers (VDI) there are vacancies for some 1,200 engineers in aviation and space technology alone. In view of this situation the ILA 2010 is of particular importance in the efforts to encourage people to seek careers in the industry. The two-day ILA CareerCenter, on 11 and 12 June, is aimed at everyone who is considering a career in the aerospace sector. For pupils, students, newcomers to the industry or experienced specialists, the CareerCenter in Hall 6 offers an opportunity for obtaining wide-ranging information about career prospects, and they can also make direct contact with future employers here. The patron of the CareerCenter is Germany’s Federal Minister of Economics and Technology, Rainer Brüderle. With more than 60 companies and institutions involved, and a 30 per cent increase in floor area, the ILA CareerCenter is already attracting a larger participation than at the ILA 2008. Among the exhibitors in the 3,000 square metre hall will be Germany’s armed forces, the Bundeswehr, German Air Traffic Control, the German Aerospace Centre, Diehl, EADS, Liebherr, Northrop Grumman LITEF, Rheinmetall and Rolls-Royce Deutschland. Completing the programme will be a series of papers, company presentations and advice on submitting job applications. Representatives from business and politics, from trainees to CEOs, technicians to test pilots, will be at the CareerCenter to talk about the complex and diverse world of work in the aerospace sector.

ILA consolidates its leading position as a combined congress and trade show
With the most comprehensive programme of conferences of any inter-national aerospace fair the ILA 2010 underlines its position as a world leader among combined trade fairs/congresses for the aerospace sector. The Berlin Air Show will be accompanied by conferences and meetings, workshops and lectures, for the benefit of experts and professionals in all areas of the aviation and aerospace industries. In addition to the products and services on offer in the halls and on the open air sites the ILA will also provide up-to-date information about important issues and challenges facing this sector, and serves as an indispensable forum for discussions between the experts.

The individual conference topics come under ten main headings: “Commercial Aviation”, “Politics and Business”, “Research and Development”, “Defence and Security”, “Space Flight”, ”Equipment, Engines”, “Maintenance, Technical Services”, “General Aviation”, “Training and Careers” and “Helicopters”.

The conference highlights will include:

• 3rd European Conference on Materials and Structures in Aerospace – EUCOMAS (7 and 8 June)
• European Conference on General Aviation (7 June)
• Airbus Ministers’ Conference (8 June)
• International Conference “Greener Skies Ahead” (8 June)
• 5th International Parliamentarians’ Day (10 June)
• Autonomous Future – Unmanned Aerial Systems in the Armed Forces (10 June)
• Composites in Aviation and Space Flight (9 June)
• Third European Air Transport Congress (9 June)
• 4th Future Military Pilot Training Conference (9-10 June)
• 2nd ILA Aviation Investors’ Conference (9 June)
• Berlin International Aircraft Finance Conference (10-11 June)
• Continuous conference programme in the Space Conference Area in Hall 9, including the Earth Observation Conference
(9 June) and the ILA SPACE DAY at II am on 10 June.
• Separate conference programme for the helicopter sector, to include “Training, Simulation and Crew Management” (10 June) and “40 Years of Airborne Rescue in Germany” (8 June)
• Conference: “All-inclusive – Economic Opportunities for All in Aviation” (10 June)
• Business Jets – Economic and Ecologic Impacts of a Growing Market (10 June).

Background details:

First held in 1909, the ILA is considered to be the world’s oldest aviation show. It is organized by the German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI) and the executive company is Messe Berlin GmbH. Since 1992 the ILA has been held every two years in Berlin/Brandenburg as an international event incorporating a trade fair, conferences and a display for the public covering all aspects of aviation and space flight. The ILA 2008 was attended by 1,127 exhibitors from 37 countries, whose presentations for the 241,000 trade visitors and members of the general public included 330 aircraft on the ground and in the air. / Conferences

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