Profile: Ambassador of the Republic of Mauritius to Federal Republic of Germany

Her Excellency Mrs Sarojini Seeneevassen-Frers, the newly-accredited ambassador of the Republic of Mauritius to Federal Republic of Germany was born on 11th October, 1951.

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Mrs Seeneevassen-Frers graduated in 1977 with a Master’s Degree in Fisheries Biology at the University of Kiel in Germany. From 1975 to 1976, she formed part of the scientific team of the Meeresbiologische Institut in Kiel on fishing trips in the Baltic and North Seas in view of assessing commercial fish populations.

Ambassador Seeneevassen-Frers also worked on part-time basis for research projects of the  same institute in the Baltic Sea as research diver. She also conducted research on the respiratory Physiology of Macrobrachium resenbergii at the prawn hatchery in Trou d` Eau Douce, in her home country for a Master’s Thesis.

Her Excellency has also acquired extensive experience in the field of Marine Biology from 1978 to 1983 in her capacity as Technical Officer in the Research Section of the Ministry of Fisheries. Her assignments included a one-year study to follow reef coral growth around Flat Island in partnership with Dr Branko Volimirov from South Africa – involving tagging and collecting samples.

She was also involved in Coral sample identification with the collaboration of Dr Faure in Reunion Island; Study on the spawning of oysters with the collaboration of Korean specialists as well as being in charge of the aquarium at Albion Research Centre and Pamplemousses Garden.

Ambassador Seeneevassen-Frers was also involved in diving assignments to accompany and assist foreign companies for recuperation work on wrecks on the west coast of Mauritius. She served as a lecturer in Marine Biology for teachers at the Mauritius Institute for Education.

As a freelance in the field of Marine Biology, Mrs Seeneevassen-Frers obtained a five-month contract with Food and Allied Co. Ltd to assemble all relevant marine environmental factors for an Environmental Impact Assessment in relation to the project of establishing a hotel on Ileaux Benitiers. Studies on land flora and fauna of the Island were also conducted, specially on endemic species.

Working in the same capacity as a freelancer, she was involved in advising on the maintenance of marine fish aquarium; reporting on sites for Environmental Impact Assessments.

In 2006, Ambassador Seeneevassen-Frers took employment as Advisor to the Minister of Agro Industry and Fisheries in matters concerning the Fisheries Section of the Ministry. She was posted for one year as Officer in Charge of the Competent Authority for Fish Export at Mer Rouge in 2007.

In September 2008, The Minister of Agro Industry and Fisheries was given a new portfolio as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Regional Cooperation and International Trade and she was transferred to that ministry as Adviser on International Trade, a position she held until her appointment as the Ambassador to Federal Republic of Germany.