President Mills declares: Ghana supports Ouatarra

It seems Ghana has finally cleared it’s stance on the Ivory Coast political stalemate as President Mills has categorically stated that Ghana supports the International Community in accepting Alassane Quatarra as the duly elected leader of that country.

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President John Mills made the declaration when he met the Diplomatic Corps at the Flagstaff House during the annual get together of the corps and the presidency.

According to President Mills it’s rather unfortunate that Ghana’s position on the Ivorian crisis have been misunderstood by certain people.

Speaking to the large gathering of various High Commissioners and Ambassadors, President Mills indicated that Ghana fully supports ECOWAS and the African Union in its decision of the way forward in Ivory Coast.

The pronouncement of Professor Mills comes in the wake of a recently held press briefing by the New Patriotic Party in which the NPPs flagbearer Nana Akuffo Addo accused the President of blowing hot and cold as it relates to the crisis.

A situation he said is causing Ghana considerable damage in its foreign relations policy.

However, in an apparent answer to his critics who have accused him of indecisiveness and stabbing the international community and particularly Ecowas on the back, President Mills declared Ghana’s stance by saying that Alassane Quatara is the winner of the Ivorian elections.

He however maintained the position that Ghana is unable to contribute troops for any forceful removal of incumbent President Laurent Gbagbo.

He explained that the decision was arrived at after consultation with the Military High Command and not because he supports any of the factions in the current Ivorian crisis.

“Ghana’s position has been misrepresented or misunderstood; there are some who allege that we have taken sides. Others also say that we have reneged on our ECOWAS commitment, nothing can be further from the truth, Ghana fully supports the declaration that Mr Ouattara won the elections and Ghana also fully supports the sanctions which are being applied in Cote d’Ivoire”.

Meanwhile, the Diplomatic Corps have commended the Mills led administration for its handling of the nations affairs.

They particularly praised Ghana for its Economic Achievements under President Mills saying it is a shining example for the rest of Africa.