President Bola Tinubu appoints new Directors of Nigerian film industry

President Ahmed Bola Tinubu/Photo Credit: Nigeria Presidency

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President Bola Tinubu has appointed two new directors to run the affairs of the Nigerian film industry.

They are Dr Shaibu Hussein, who is to assume office as the Director of National Film and video Censors Board, and Mr Ali Nuhu who would take charge of as Managing Director of the Nigerian Film Corporation.

Both appointees are ambassadors of the Nollywood Film Festival Germany (NFFG) and its sister event Nollywood Europe Golden Award (NEGA).

Dr Shaibu Hesseini/Photo Credit: Nollywood Film Festival

It is therefore no wonder that the Board and Management of NFFG and NEGA rolled out a statement commending President Tinubu for recognising the sterling qualities of the two individuals with the appointments.

The statement commends President Tinubu “for his choice of putting square pegs in square holes” by the appointments of the two individuals.

“It is our belief that President Bola Tinubu has made one of his best choices ever,” says the NFFG and NEGA statement.

Mr Ali Nuhu/Photo Credit: Nollywood Film Festival

Founder and Festival director Isaac Izoya, who also doubles as Cultural Ambassador of NFFG and NEGA congratulated the “worthy Ambassadors Dr Shaibu Husseini and Ali Nuhu on their recent appointment.”

The statement observed that Dr Husseini “is a NEGA awardee who has for many years proven that he understands the film art in Nigeria and its progressive development”. Adding that “he has contributed so much either as a journalist or policy maker in the Nigerian film realm.”

Continuing, the NFFG and NEGA statement emphasized that Dr Hussein has acted as head of jury at several film festivals around the world such as, among others, the African Movie Academy Award (AMAA), contributions that earned him NEGA Award in 2014.

From left. Ali Nuhu, Isaac Izoya and Empress Njamah 2023 NEGA Awards Red Carpet in Frankfurt,  Germany/Photo Credit: Nollywood Film Festival

Star Actor, Ali Nuhu, on his part, has exhibited excellent artistry in his chosen trade, says the statement, adding, “he has featured in uncountable number of productions which earned him NEGA Award in 2023.”

Founder and Cultural Ambassador of NFFG and NEGA expressed his confidence that the appointments will contribute to the next level that the Nigerian Film industry was headed.