Exposed! Asiedu Nketia Sells Blocks To Bui Dam

Johnson Asiedu Nketia, Secretary General of Ghana`s ruling NDC
The General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress has rejected conflict of interest allegations made against him over the construction of the Bui Dam project.

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Johnson Asiedu Nketia, who is also a member of the Board of the Bui Authority is said to be a major supplier of blocks used in the construction of the project, a practice the opposition New Patriotic Party has cited as potential conflict of interest situation.

A former Chief Executive Officer of the Bui Project, Fred Oware accused the NDC scribe of selling the blocks at a higher price which has consequently increased the total cost of the project. Speaking to Joy News on Wednesday, Johnson Asiedu Nketia admitted selling the blocks to contractors of the project but vehemently rejected conflict of interest allegations.

He said he noticed the seeming difficulties by subcontractors of the Bui project in buying blocks and therefore decided to extend his block factory, which was originally in his hometown, closer to the project site so the subcontractors could benefit.

He added that as a board member of the Bui Project he was not under any contractual agreement to provide blocks for the project, neither were the contractors under any compulsion to buy the blocks from his company.

He explained that his blocks are of higher quality and understandably higher priced than his competitors. According to him, his company sells blocks to all contractors in an around Bui and will be difficult to determine which contractor was buying the blocks specifically for the Bui Project.

He accused the NPP of deliberately diverting issues about a non-existent Bui City, which he said the NPP had “fooled” Ghanaians and used as political ploy when in reality there were no such plans or funds to undertake a Bui City project in addition to the Hydroelectric Power Project.

The Bui Hydroelectric Power Project was started in 2007 by then President John Kufuor led administration to provide additional voltage to Ghana’s electricity. The project however is said to have suffered some setback due to financing arrangements.

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