Agreement with EVG: collective bargaining round at DB concluded


Deutsche Bahn AG Headquarters at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin Bahntower Deutsche Bahn AG Photo Credit: Volker Emersleben

Berlin, 07.10.2021 – With today’s agreement between Deutsche Bahn (DB) and the Railway and Transport Union (EVG), the 2020/21 collective bargaining round in the DB Group has finally been concluded. For customers, this means: Rail strikes are ruled out until at least February 2023.

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DB personnel director Martin Seiler expressed his satisfaction: „This round of collective bargaining was extremely challenging due to the economic crisis of the company and the collective bargaining situation. Nevertheless, we succeeded in concluding collective agreements that express appreciation for the employees and at the same time secure the future viability of the company. All those involved – above all our customers – can now plan with confidence again.“

After intensive negotiations, the Group and the EVG agreed on new collective bargaining regulations. These were adopted today by the union’s national executive board. The starting point for the negotiations were demands that EVG had raised in addition to the current collective agreement.

Among other things, the bargaining partners have agreed on new Corona allowances: Railway employees will receive 600 euros this year and another 500 euros in March 2022. Solutions were also found for the issues of allowances, training and housing and mobility. For example, additional funds were made available for employee mobility. In addition, it was agreed to negotiate the future design of the pay structures at DB. The regulations will be applied in the DB companies where the EVG organises the majority of the employees.

There, the collective agreement concluded by DB and EVG in September last year will continue to apply. In addition to a wage increase of 1.5 per cent as of 1 January 2022, it includes comprehensive protection against dismissal for the employees as well as the promise to recruit thousands of new employees. The contract has a total term of 24 months until February 2023.

DB reached a collective agreement with the German Train Drivers‘ Union (GDL) on 16 September 2021. This applies in the – currently 16 – majority companies of the GDL and runs until October 2023. Due to the Collective Bargaining Unity Act (TEG), only one collective agreement is applied per company at Deutsche Bahn. The railway is seeking an independent notarial procedure with both unions to determine the majority situation.

DB is currently still negotiating an industry-wide collective agreement with the EVG. The Group welcomes this additional initiative by the union, as it promotes a fair framework for all market participants.

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