“NDC needs a more dynamic leader” – Rawlings

Ghana’s former President, Jerry John Rawlings stressed at the week-end that the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) party needs a more dynamic leader who would seek justice, accountability and integrity.

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He stated that he has no doubt that his wife, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings would win the upcoming Sunyani Congress on the 8th of July and lead the NDC to victory in 2012.

Speaking at the 32nd commemoration of the June 4 uprising in the Ashanti Regional capital, Kumasi, President Rawlings said in the unlikely event that President Mils refuses to accept the will of the people on July 8, “the inevitable will happen”.

Not even the high profile government delegation who turned up at the flagstaff house earlier in the day to begin the June 4 delebrations could prevent the ex-President from attacking the Mills-Mahama administration.

Ex-President Rawlings said he made a mistake by not identifying intelligent, brilliant and smart people to take over the reins of power from him. He added that the wrong people are back in power as a result of free and fair elections.

He lashed out at President Mills, his governance style and his appointees describing them as greedy people who have found their way back into power.

The June 4 celebration eventually turned into a campaign rally for his wife’s presidential bid saying “the will of God will be done in the upcoming Sunyani congress”.

President Rawlings said despite the eight years of “massive corruption” under the Kufour administration, the NDC government headed by President Mills has failed Ghanaians by repeating the same wrong doings.

He further accused the Mills administration of corruption, failing to live up to the tenets of the June 4 revolution and betraying the principles that led to the formation of the NDC.

Mr Rawlings read out a litany of the “failures” of the Mills-Mahama administration adding that the administration has failed to prosecute and jail former NPP functionaries.

He noted that there “is a growing perception that a good number of people within the NDC would rather lose the 2012 elections to the opposition NPP rather than allow the NDC to retain power through a new leadership that would seek for justice, accountability and integrity”.

He said the NDC delegates must make sure that President Mills is not handed the mantle to lead the NDC to another “despondent” four years and must ensure that a more dynamic leadership is elected.