”We have more SIM Cards in Ghana than we have human beings”- Justice Abdulai


Ghanaians last year were given a directive to re-register their SIM cards using their Ghana cards. Although the re-registration is ongoing, a lot of concerns have been raised on some challenges being experienced by registrants.

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Besides the issue of congestion at the registration centers, the process is still ongoing with a lot of people queued up.

The fear is that the registration centers could serve as breeding ground for Covid-19, as some persons have failed to adhere to the Covid safety measures.

Speaking on the GTV Breakfast show on January 10, 2022, Mr. Justice Abdulai, a Lawyer and Lecturer at the UPSA Law Faculty stated that, mergence of the SIM Cards with the Ghana Card could come with some safety concerns, because the Telecommunications spectrum is not owned solely by Ghanaians.

”Having Ghanaian database on an app that doesn’t belong to Ghana, but Kenya is a security threat to Ghanaians,” he said

Mr. Abdulai said it is unfortunate that there are more SIM Cards than human beings in Ghana and wondered whether this could not be streamlined.

“‘We have more SIM Cards in Ghana than we have human beings,” he noted.


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