Vodafone Ghana is No.1 In Africa

It’s official, Vodafone Ghana is No.1 in Africa for broadband and we’re not stopping there!

07 June 2010

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In the recent internet performance ranking results performed by Speedtest.net – the independent global internet connectivity host – Vodafone Ghana’s broadband is the number 1 in Ghana for download and upload speed, what makes the news even more exciting is the fact that Ghana is now number 1 in Africa.

Isaac Cudjoe, Head of Corporate Communications: “Due to Vodafone’s massive investment in its broadband services, Ghana is now the highest ranked in Africa. Before this investment, we were sitting at 116th for download and 56th for upload Globally but with this latest ranking, Ghana becomes 12th in the world for upload speed and 41st in the world for download speed. This is a remarkable success and is attributable to the close attention that Vodafone is paying to its broadband services and moreover to its broader customers needs.

“While we have achieved this fantastic result in broadband connectivity, we are not sitting still. We want the people of Ghana to understand that we are striving to give all our customers not only a world-class service but also a world-leading service. Since we bought the controlling share of Ghana Telecom and changed it into Vodafone Ghana, we have invested heavily in all areas of the business and this is just one of the areas that has benefited from that investment. While some of the upgrades and services have taken longer than we would have liked, this is proof that we are making a difference in both consumer and business areas. Unlike some of the other operators in the market, we will continue to invest in the infrastructure of our business and our customers will directly benefit from that investment. This is something we should all be proud of in Ghana.”