Using state resources celebrating coups is irresponsible!!!

NPP UK and Ireland Press Statement

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This Christmas and New Year period has been a traumatic time for Ghanaians as many could not even to buy ‘’knockouts’’ or even sweets for their children or even afford to go to church as they had no money for transport or offerings . At a time the price of fowl jumped to 30 Ghana cedis and majority of people are making sacrifices to trim their budgets so that in the coming year they would be able to stomach the 20% high taxes and 25 % petroleum price increases imposed by this NDC government, step forward Ex President Rawlings aka Togbe Aklasu, President Mills and NDC Ministers to insult and laugh in the face of Ghanaians.
29 years ago Mr Rawlings took Ghanaians on a journey which was worse than the journey the Israelites endured when they were captive in Egypt. By the time he left in Jan 2001 ,1 out of 3 Ghanaians had no jobs, a quarter of the population had fled their own country into economic and political exile and left an economy in debt ;160% of its GDP .He privatised 300 state enterprises, sold some to his wife and cronies in government and drained SNNIT of 50 million dollars. He left Ghana as poor as a churchmouse.

Respect for our National Constitution is the only way to protect and ensure that our democracy thrives. Our constitution forbids the government of the day to allocate any time, state funds and resources to celebrate and endorse coups. Once again President Mills has shown that he has no respect for our constitution and democracy by authorising resources and financial spending, including sanctioning events around the country and especially the so called falling Heroes drama at the Armed Forces Square costing millions of cedis. This is an insult and a travesty!!! Is there a president in Ghana?
NPP UK and Ireland condemns outright the wanton abuse and constant attempt to undermine and subvert democratic rule in Ghana through the perpetual celebration of coups by ex dictators, their wives and their cronies. These celebrations are an excuse to misuse state funds, for some elements in the NDC to continually worship Mr Rawlings as a ‘’Kankan Nyame’’ for their personal, physical and spiritual survival, and for NDC to laugh at Ghanaians and disrespect the memories of those who lost their lives, their citizenship and properties during this shameful period of our history. The money spent could have been given to Osu Childrens Home or to our farmers and fishermen especially those who had a bad harvest. What do we have to learn as a country and what does it say about its leaders if we are celebrating killings, torture and murder of political opponents as well as the persecution and harassment of innocent men, women and children?

We take this opportunity to salute the men and women of courage who throughout those wasted 19 years fought against state sponsored terror , armed criminality and dictatorship including those who lost their lives doing so, and eventually restored constitutional rule and democratic governance in Ghana. We salute the likes of Tommy Thompson, Ray Kakraba Quarshie, AK Mieh, Kofi Addison, BJ Da Rocha, Lt Colonel Ekow Dennis, Kyeremeh Djan, Godwin Mawuli Dra Goka, Squadron Leader Akakpo ,Flt Lt Domie, Fl lt Robert Kojo Lee, Nana Anarfi Korkortor, Kwaku Baako, Lance Corporal Carlos Halidu Gyiwa, RSM Abu Baba, Professor Adu Boahen, Mr Kwame Pianim, Nana Akufo Addo, J. A.  Kufuor, Dan Botwe, J.  H. Mensah, Reverend Amoako, Ex President Dr Hilla Limann, Mrs Dora Fulera Limann, Lawyer Obeng Manu, Alex Asebre, K. Gyan Appenteng, Kakraba Cromwell, Elizabeth Ohene, Victor Newman, Mr Justice Ayepong, Arthur Kobina Kennedy, Mrs Justice Cecilia Koranteng-Addow, Mr Justice Sarkodie, Major Sam Acquah, Martin Adjongbah, Bamfo Sarkodie Addo, Gabriel Apatinga(who were killed with Carlos Halidu Gyiwa at the Air Force station in March 1984) and many others. Without the efforts of these men and women, somebody would have done a Mobutu Sese Seko, a Mugabe , or a Kamuzu Banda in Ghana and stayed on and on and on and on as a power drunk life President.

Let us not relax for the enemies of democracy and freedom in Ghana are still at work to return Ghana to dictatorship and servitude. We must all continue to work together to build strong institutions and a strong sense of Nationalism so that another adventurer will not come and impose a reign of terror on us.

Nana Yaw Sarpong
Communications Officer
NPP UK and Ireland