Turkey to strengthen aviation business transactions with Africa

Mr. Binali Yildrim, Turkish Transportation Minister, has said the air corridor to Africa would move into a new phase with the air transportation agreement signed between Turkey and African countries.

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He said this at the Turkey-Africa Civil Aviation Conference organised by the Turkish Civil Aviation in Turkey’s Aegean province of Izmir May 31.

He said Turkey recognizes the fact that the African continent has one of the largest populations in the world with some states having the fastest growing economies too.

This was contained in a statement released by the Ghana civil aviation authority (GCAA) in Accra on Friday.

Mr. Yildrim said relationships with African countries had been re-built on justice, tolerance and principles of mutual gain adding that Turkey, in acknowledging the potential also considered the low caliber of aviation personnel to manage the ever growing industry.

He said as a result of this, Turkey is considering providing training and technical services to African Countries.

Air Commodore K. Mamphey, Director General of the GCAA, said the conference ended on a good note with participants agreeing to encourage the development of aviation business partnerships with the active involvement of the private sector.

He said that since Turkey developed its own build-operate-transfer model to construct airports and built and modernized airports in Georgia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Tunisia, Egypt and Algeria, it was possible that Ghana could consider this in the Private Public Partnership.

Speaking on behalf of the visiting delegates, Toure Gaoussou, Ivory Coast’s Transportation Minister, said they supported Turkey’s development vision for Africa adding that “Turkey’s development vision is a proper one for Africa. If Turkey wants to have its own share from Africa’s development, they should enhance their presence”.