The world’s youth gathered in Marrakech for the occasion of COY12

coy22-in-marrakeshFrom the 4th to 6th November, the 12th edition of the Conference of Youth (COY12) tool place at the University Cadi Ayyad in Marrakech. COY is an event started in 2005 by the ONG for accredited youth within the United Nations framework of climate change (UNFCCC), YOUNGO.

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COY12 was organised and launched following a call to action for projects and participation during the last three months. More than 4000 initiatives were received and 600 projects were presented from numerous associations and organisations from a variety of disciplines. A pilot committee, made up of seven Moroccan Associations was launched to spearhead the initiative, including The Moroccan Youth Climate Movement, The Moroccan Association of Resourceful Information, Green Action Collective, and the Youth Chamber of Commerce.

During these three days more than 1800 people from 37 countries participated in numerous conferences, workshops, exhibitions, creative events, which were held daily. More than 500 young people aged under 18 were also present. Several themes connected to climate change were covered: agriculture, water stress, biodiversity, sustainable transport and energy. Organised in line with the COP22, COY provided a forum for the world’s youth to discuss and exchange experiences and solutions against the effects of climate change.

“I am from an agricultural country where climate change has had a negative impact on agricultural productivity and biodiversity,” Ahmed, a concerned youth climate leader coming from the Sudan to participate in the conference.

Mr Salaheddine Mezouar, President of COP22, Mrs Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary of the  UNFCCC and Mr Driss El Yazami responsible for civil society, participated in the closing of the event. “Making changes requires commitment from everybody. Don’t underestimate our individual capacity to act to create a better world. The international community has a responsibility towards you,” reinforced Mrs Patricia Espinosa. From his side, Mr Salaheddine Mezouar stated: “In terms of civil society, the youth are an important component in taking concrete action against climate change,” strong words from the President of COP22 before the world’s youth.