The world’s aerospace exposition starts again in Berlin

Berlin, 14 May, 2024

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Mandarins of the global aerospace industry are expected to attend the International Aerospace Exposition in Berlin from 5 to 9 June this year.

Popularly known as the ILA, the exposition will, for five days be turned into an international aerospace hub where decision-makers and other stakeholders in the aerospace industry will meet to brainstorm on various aspects governing the industry.

At ILA 2024, industry representatives, policymakers, armed forces and academia will deliberate current challenges and opportunities around all branches of the aerospace sector.

This year’s ILA which kicks off under the motto #PioneeringAerospace  will offer exhibitors from all over the world an opportunity to showcase  their latest developments, innovative solutions, and research projects
centred around three key topics, namely, Innovation, New Technologies and Sustainability.

An interesting and eye catching aspect of ILA is that it features the entire value chain and every tier of the aerospace industry, from Aviation, Space and Defence & Support, to Advanced Air Mobility and the Supplier sector.

Messe Berlin and their partner organizers of the ILA are also conscious of the effects of climate on the environment hence the guiding question on how the transformation of civil aviation to climate neutrality can be achieved.

Among the highlights at ILA Berlin 2024 is the unique Space Pavilion which showcases the vital contribution of space travel for life on Earth – from climate protection and digitalisation to security and mobility.

At the heart of the military display at ILA 2024 is the importance placed on mission-ready armed forces for the defence of western democratic values as well as the sovereignty of Europe.

Moreover, this year’s ILA Berlin dedicates an entire segment, The Advanced Air Mobility exhibition to the entire spectrum of unmanned aerial systems and electrically powered vertical take-off and landing vehicles, known as eVTOLs.

Aside from experts in the aerospace industry, ILA Berlin serves as a magnet drawing in thousands of visitors at the bi-annual exposition.

In 2022, around 75,000 visitors visited ILA Berlin. The statistics are staggering: 550 exhibitors from 80 countries and 800 journalists covered the event for international media organisations.

As a future-oriented exposition, Messe Berlin and its partners have created a CareerHub to encourage and when the appetite of the younger generations in the aerospace sector.

Consequently, ILA is frequented by students, young professionals and experienced professionals, creating an atmosphere for meaningful networking and career progression opportunities, and helping aspiring pioneers prepare for  career in the exciting world of aviation and aerospace.

ILA Berlin is organized and hosted by the BDLI (the German Trade Association of Aerospace Industries) and Messe Berlin.