The Way the Rabbits Jump – The Kangaroo Supreme Court

Respected Justices of the Kangaroo Supreme Court/ANA Graphics/SM

In this epic Court of the Republic of Kangaroos, no original documents from any government institution are allowed to be tendered in evidence for the determination of any case.

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The Justices are addressed as “My Lords” or “My Lady”. They wear wigs; and the wigs must be blonde.

To carry out the wishes of the Supreme Commander, the Justices are required to be shameless but not stupid.

In this Court, the Justices must not be competent, fair and honest; for that is not what the Supreme Commander demands.

They swore an oath with the Book of God to be fair to all manner of Humans appearing before them. They must Swear, mentioning God and urging God to help them. Despite this, they must do their best to perpetrate an injustice.

The Court has therefore dismissed the request of Counsel for the Petitioner to have original documents to be tendred in Court.

The following are the ten minus three Justices of the Kangaroo Supreme Court: Chief Kangaroo Justice Lawsi Binin-Tabuah, Kangaroo Justice Way Taddau, Kangaroo Justice Yamuel Garul-Tau, Kangaroo Justice Meme Imidarscher, Kangaroo Justice Processor Processor Bii Shiea Dodey (otherwise known as Shea Butter), Kangaroo Justice Zerprude Porlormoo, Kangaroo Justice Lariara Yoyosu, Kangaroo Justice Udama Banlo and Kangaroo Justice Kattiehar Wenhas-Sunbo

The Court will rise, declares Chief Kangaroo Justice Lawsi Binin-Tabuah until Sunday.

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