The Unanimous Decision: Case dismissed

Esteemed Lordship and Justices of the Court

The Justices will troop into the courtroom like dominoes in a row. All will stand on their feet in reverence to the Justices.

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They will be led by Chief Justice Lawsi Binin-Tabuah. They will, as usual, be in red and black attire with a blond wig. They will dress like Butlers in the colonial master’s office.

The following are the Justices of the Supreme Court of the Land: Chief Justice Lawsi Binin-Tabuah,  Justice Way Taddau,  Justice Yamuel Garul-Tau, Justice Meme Imidarscher, Justice Processor Processor Bii Shiea Dodey (otherwise known as Shea Butter), Justice Zerprude Porlormoo, Justice Lariara Yoyosu, Justice Udama Banlo and Justice Kattiehar Wenhas-Sunbo.

Legal precedents, legal authorities, and other legal quotations are regarded as nonsense by the Chief Justice Lawsi Binin-Tabuah’s Supreme Court. This Court disregards with impunityrecognized standards of law or justice.

From the beginning of the case, the Ten minus three Justices were struggling with one another to deflect the course of justice to please the Supreme Commander.

The Justices know pretty well that those who strike at the course of Justice as they have exhibited all along, strike at the very foundation of society.

Chief Justice Lawsi Binin-Tabuah and his six-member Battalion know very well that no judge can be sued, served or summoned for anything they do as a judge, so, they decided to run amok in the course of their duties.

“I will accept a goat as a gift from a friend”, says Justice Lawsi Binin-Tabuah. The Supreme Commander offered this judge a “Goat”: That “Goat” is the Office of the Chief Justice.

The Justices will threaten that any media commentary on the decisions of the court amounts to Contempt of Court.

The Justices will, as mentioned earlier, look like clowns; what children of the Land call KAKAAMA TOOBI. The Justices have been told by the Supreme Commander to be shameless but not stupid.

The unanimous decision of the pre-determined case will be read by Chief Justice Lawsi Binin-Tabuah. He will say that the case has not been made by the petitioner. He will say that despite the six different results declared by the Electoral Commission are all good results.

The decision of the court had been written long before the election on December 7, 2020.

The unanimous decision will say that „in this court, incompetence is highly rewarded.“

The decision will confirm that those who steal must be awarded medals for services to the supreme commander.

Justice Lawsi Binin-Tabuah will say “to hell with the people’s verdict”. He will say, the people do not matter, what matters is that the Supreme Commander must at all cost remain in office.

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