Political tailwind for the digitisation of the healthcare system

Prof. Dr. Karl Lauterbach, Federal Minister of Health/Photo: MesseBerlin/DMEA

Berlin, 25 April 2023

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Federal Minister of Health Prof. Dr. Karl Lauterbach opened the DMEA with a concrete time frame for digitisation projects such as the ePA.

He announced more research on AI and wants new technical developments to be taken into account in legislative projects.

Prof. Dr. Karl Lauterbach, who is also a patron of the DMEA, observed that “Digitisation will completely change modern medicine and promises breakthroughs in care and research.”

He indicated that “Patients will benefit just as much as our business location. Digitalisation is a great opportunity, especially for the German economy, because Germany has great untapped potential. It is time to flip the switch,” adding that, “the conditions for better treatment and research will be created by our digital laws in the coming months.”

Melanie Wendling, Managing Director of bvitg e. V., organiser of the DMEA stressed the importance of DMEA as  an event taking place with the physical participation of all.

“We already saw it last year – the DMEA is simply most beautiful when it is present! We are looking forward to the many exhibitors, trade visitors and, of course, to being able to offer such a varied and interesting congress programme again.”

The Managing Director observed that the DMEA was not just an industry trade fair.

DMEA, she said, “is the future: this is where we show and discuss what digitalised healthcare can and must look like!”

Dirk Hoffmann, Managing Director Messe Berlin, in his opening remarks, said: “With more than 700 exhibitors from around 30 countries and an extensive congress programme, DMEA is bigger and more international than ever..”

The presence of more exhibitors at this year’s DMEA underlines DMEA’s position as Europe’s leading health IT event.

“DMEA”, says Hoffmann, “is the central platform for all those who want to drive forward digitalisation in the healthcare sector – from industry to politics, self-administration and research to users such as nursing and the medical profession.”