Parliamentary ballot paper thief in Ghana’s parliament

Carlos Ahenkorah, Ghana’s Number One Ballot Paper snatcher

In the process of electing a Speaker of Parliament in Ghana, Carlos Ahenkorah, Member of Parliament for Tema West decided to disrupt the proceedings by snatching the ballot papers.

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His actions led to a break in law and order on the floor of parliament.

Courageous Members of Parliament arrest the Ballot Paper thief in Parliament/Photo: JoyOnline

The action sent shock waves among Ghanaians when Ahenkorah brazingly attempt to subvert the process sanctioned by the Constitution and being supervised by the Electoral Commission.

What Carlos Ahenkorah, MP from Tema did was clearly against the Constitution and the Electoral laws of Ghana. It was an attempt to subvert the Constitution of Ghana.

The Ballot Paper snatcher, Carlos Ahenkorah, apprehended in Parliament

Article 95 of the 1992 Ghana constitution provides for the election of a speaker from among the members of parliament or from persons who are qualified to be members of parliament.

The only person to have been in this position so far is Edward Adjaho who was the elected member for the then Akatsi South constituency. Adjaho was elected by secret ballot.

Carlos Ahenkorah, the parliamentary Ballot Paper thief checks his mobile phone

The question is: Was Carlos Ahenkorah’s actions sanctioned by the NPP parliamentary Group? The NPP parliamentary group must take action against this sort of disrespect for the authority of Parliament. Should he keep his seat in Parliament?

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