Opinion: Sudan and Germany – from Dr Abdelgadir Warsama in Bahrain

20161214_100330I received an invitation from The German Arab Chamber of Commerce (Ghorfa) to participate and speak in their 3rd Forum about Sudan. The Forum took place in Berlin – Germany during 1st and 2nd December 2016. I would like, here, to speak about the Forum itself rather than my paper which

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I will highlight later in a separate article, in the near future.

The organizers of the Forum were Al-Ghorfa in Germany (The German and Arab Countries Chamber of Commerce), The Ministry of Investment in Sudan, the Embassy of Sudan in Germany and the German Embassy in Sudan.

All those parties, among many others, were actively involved in the long hectic preparations that cover each detail and all necessary aspects, which, ultimately led to the full success of the Forum. Great thanks and to all we say, you have done good work.

The unique and well-chosen participation of the Sudanese private sector and the public sector was a significant remarkable presence that indicates a successful inter-marriage between the two different sectors. In fact, this sort of a PPP (Public and Private Participation) was one of the prime indicators for the success of the Forum. The outcome of the PPP represents a unified stand form all to reflect the good image of Sudan as a rich promising and very special country.

Business women and businessmen from Sudan did their best to market their Country in the best and attractive professional way possible. The Minister of Investment, the Minister of Electricity and Water Resources and other senior dignitaries representing the public sector from different fields \ sectors, excelled in disclosing their virgin lucrative projects and plans that are ready for foreign investments particularly from the German public and private sectors.

At the Forum, from the German side the host country, there was also a huge presence form both the public sector and the private sector. They got the message conveyed to them by their Sudanese counterparts and they have expressed their keen interest to invest in Sudan for the benefit of both the Sudanese and German people.

As a fact, Sudan, the big, rich and virgin country, looks for interested capable investors to join forces and work arm-in-arm with the Sudanese calibre in many different lucrative promising projects.

Sure, the German capital plus their accumulated knowhow and advanced technology will help the Sudanese people and will open the door for them to benefit from such uncountable opportunities & investment privileges.

Senior political persons and executives from Germany attended the forum and they all expressed the interest of Germany to look for and participate in investment opportunities in Sudan. They mentioned that, Germany shouldn’t discard Sudan and shouldn’t keep away from investment in Sudan as this will open-up many new good opportunities for German companies and, moreover, will promote and boost the bilateral relations between the two countries.

I believe that, this stand opens a new era for future fruitful cooperation between the two countries and their people. No doubt, this approach is beneficial to both parties who should work hard to harvest the outcome of this activity.

We, in Sudan, are obliged to thank Germany for their continuous support to the Sudanese people, who will not forget any party that stands with at any time. We anxiously look for better and steady commercial and trade cooperation and positive relations with Germany the powerful and leading country in the world and, as well, the European Union (EU).

In Sudan, we have seen the finger prints of Germany, since a long time, in many useful and very beneficial activities and the vocational training centres are clear evidence among many others.  Let’s work for and hope that more is yet to come for the betterment of the two great nations.


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