Nigerian Politics: Amaechi’s Corruption Allegations Against FG Are Laughable – Rivers Group

The Rivers State Patriotic Youth Assembly (RSPYA) has described as laughable, the frequent allegations of corruption leveled against the federal government by the Rivers State Governor, Chibuike Amaechi.

Speaking in Port Harcourt on Wednesday, the president of the RSPYA Joseph Harry Itenyi said it is ridiculous that a governor who runs the second largest economy in Nigeria and gets a monthly allocation greater than the federal budget of over 10 West African countries cannot pay salaries of less than 25,000 workers yet he has the impetus to speak of corruption against a federal government that has shown the greatest courage in Nigerian history.

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Itenye said it is incredible that the Rivers State government cannot pay salaies despite the huge monthly allocations from the federal government. He further said that Amaechi should rather hide himself in shame that he now resorts to borrowing to pay salaries.

Itenye commended president Goodluck Jonathan for sustaining a reasonable economic growth rate despite the challenges posed by the war against terrorism.

“I cannot conceive any Nigerian leader who can beat President Jonathan’s performance records in the face of the war against terror launched faced by the government.

“It is only unfortunate that despite the precarious situation in the North-East, some supposed Nigerian leaders choose to criticize the president rather than commend him for the ability to contain the Boko Haram war on the country.”

I would think that Boko Haram is sponsored by opposition politicians given the way they celebrate every advantage of Boko Haram against our security forces, Itenye said.

He called on Governor Amaechi to exhibit some sense of responsibility, patriotism and demystify himself to face the reality which is that the achievements of President Goodluck Jonathan despite the odds and frustrations of the opposition are simply commendable.

Itenye reminded Amaechi that his senseless criticism of the president only exposes him as one who cannot be trusted for if he can so fiercely hate his own brother (the president) just because of his selfish desires, then who can ever find in him, a true friend?

RSPYA is therefore calling on the Rivers State governor to be responsible and patriotic in his actions.