Nigeria: “Wike, Leave Amaechi, Dakuku alone, Deal With the Ant-Infested Firewood You Brought Home” – APC

Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi
Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi

Again, the Rivers State Chapter of All Progressives Congress, APC, is compelled to go against its avowed principle not to respond to arrant nonsensical publications and press releases by the accidental PDP government in Rivers State under Gov. Nyesom Wike except, this time, to address the ludicrous issues raised in what appears to be their moment of disorientation, confusion and attempt to desperately drag down the reputation of notable leaders of All Progressives Congress, APC, in Rivers State.

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APC leaders in Rivers State [including Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi and Dr. Dakuku Peterside have no direct, indirect or any other form of links with Saharareporters as an organisation or with any of its personnel. Records abound to prove that Amaechi and Peterside have, at one time or the other, come under intense scrutiny in the reports of Saharareporters. It begs the question when Gov. Nyesom Wike says that the two very busy respectable individuals can spare the time to think about the governor and how to sponsor Saharareporters to scrutinize him, his infamous reputation and derelict government.

Whether Gov. Wike bribed Supreme Court Judges

It is perhaps appropriate and well-timed that the press release by Gov. Wike has something to say about whether or not he bribed any Justices of the Supreme Court over the 2015 governorship matter. Well, from what is emerging today across the nation, the APC would like Rivers people and Nigerians to make their conclusions.

Is Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi indicted by any judicial panel anywhere?

It is a statement of fact that the Justice Omereji Panel that was set up by Gov. Nyesom Wike to target, foist and pin corruption charges on his predecessor, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, failed woefully because it could not find anything to pin on the former governor. To this day, despite all the challenges by Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi for the state government to take him to court, it has been impossible because there is absolutely no ground to do so and the state government knows it. Unfortunately, the governor and his men have never sent out any press statement without their favourite hallucinatory mantra of N3 trillion received by the former governor – something contrived to fool ordinary Rivers people and Nigerians.

Indeed, it is sad and primitively disingenuous for the governor, his co-travellers and cohorts to huff and puff over an imaginary N3 trillion that got to Rivers State in Amaechi’s 8 years but often dishonestly display selective amnesia when they pretend to forget the many landmark projects and programmes of the Amaechi administration. A pen picture of just two out of many sectors where former governor Amaechi made landmark strides is presented here under. It is only a part, and not by any means, all of the achievements of the former governor, as at when his administration ended May 29, 2015.


  1. Dualization of Rumuokuta-Choba East-West Road, Obi Akpor (N10.3bn, 88% completed)
  2.      Construction of Eleme junction flyover (N7.3bn, 100% completed)
  3.      Construction of Omofo-Agaba Ndele Road (N4.8bn, 90% competed)
  4.      Dredging works/Roads at Opobo New Layout (4.52bn, 100% completed)
  5.      Construction of Ozuzu to CSS Isu-Ogida Owu Egbu(N2.79bnhuge, 100% completed
  6.      Dualization of Airport-Isiokpo/Omarelu Road (N35.15bn, 98% completed)
  7. Dualization of Ada George Phases 1 and 2/ Choba phase 2 NTA/ChobaAirport (N17.04bn, 80% completed).
  8. Dualization of Rumuola/Rumuokuta Road and (N2.78bn, 100% completed).
  9. Dualization of First Bank/Rumuomasi Road (N3.58bn, 100% completed)
  10.  Dualization of slaughter-Trans Amadi/Rumuobiakani Road (N6.53bn, 100% completed)
  11. Shore protection and land reclamation of Egbomung/Oluk-Ama(N2.18bn, 90% completed)
  12. Construction of Bridge at Bolo Creek with approaches (N4.81bn, 100% completed)
  13. Dualization of Eneka-Igbo Etche link Road (N2.24bn, 70% completed)
  14. Construction of Apani internal Roads (N2.57bn, 100% completed)
  15. Construction of Nyokhana-Kenkhana Link Road with Bridge from Luuwa to Bere (N2.93bn, 40% completed)
  16. Construction of Odiolugbani-Enito 1 and 2-Oshie Road (N4.51bn, 80%   completed)
  17. Expansion of Mbiama-Akinima Road (N1.98bn, 100% completed)
  18. Construction of Okeh-Ihie-Apani-Omarelu Road (N6.86bn, 97% completed)
  19. Construction of Bori internal Roads phase 3 (N1.71bn, 81% completed)
  20. Construction of Abua/Okoba Close Rumuibekwe with extension to Elelenwo (N2.19bn, 75% completed)
  21. Construction of Ikuru town- Atlantic Ocean Road (N2.38bn, 80% completed)
  22. Construction of Okeh-Mba-Umuaturu-Akpoku Obite, 21km with Bridge (N5.02bn, 100%completed)
  23. Reconstruction of Town Market (N3.52bn, 100% completed)
  24. Dualization of Rumukrushi-Eneka-Igwuruta Road (N13.87bn, 95% completed)
  25. Construction of Abuloma-Woji Road Bridge (N13.63bn, 50% completed)
  26. Construction of Akpajo-Woji Road/Bridge (N11.06bn, 56% completed)
  27. Construction of Ada George/East West Road junction flyover with Rotary turning and service lanes (N5.34bn, 80% completed)
  28. Dualization of Elekahia-Rumuamasi Road (N6.50bn, 100% completed)
  29. Dualization of Azikiwe Road (UTC) junction-Lagos Bus stop (N6.29bn, 89% completed)
  30. Completion of Airport-Igwuruta-Rumuokoro Road (N1.59bn, 100% completed)
  31. Reconstruction of Woji Road in GRA Phase 2 with drains and construction of Sani Abacha/NTANwogba Storm Water Drainage (N2.06bn, 75% completed)
  32. Reconstruction of Ikwerre Road from Education to Agipflyover (N5.88bn, 100% completed)
  33. Reconstruction/As[halt overlay of Igwuruta-Ohokoho-Okehi Road (N1,44bn, 100% completed)
  34. Reconstruction of Ken Saro Wiwa Road and flood control works around Ken Saro Wiwa Road/Ezimgbu Link Road-Aba Road, Port Harcourt and construction of Relief Road linking Aba Road to Ken SaroWiwa Road at Worlu street junction (N10.85bn, 90% completed, 30% Canal)
  35. Expansion/resurfacing of Kpopie-Bodo city Road (N3.91bn, 62% completed)
  36. Shore/protection works at Ndoni (N2.82bn, 100% completed)
  37. Dualization of Isiokpo-Ubima-Omarelu Road (15.34bn, 82% completed)
  38. Construction of Okrika Ring Road (N4.02bn, 100% completed)
  39. Construction of Unity Road, Ogoni-Andoni-Opobo Road (N31.00bn, 70% old and 30% new completed)
  40. Expansion of Okporo Road (N2.61bn, 100% completed)
  41. Reconstruction of Edeoha-Ikata-Ochigba Road (N2.09bn, 66% completed)
  42. Reconstruction of Ozuoba-Ogbogoro-Rumuolumeni Road (N5.22bn, 65% completed)
  43. Dualization of Chief G.U. Ake Road (N9.95bn, 100% completed)
  44. Construction of Nyowii-Dae-Lueku-Bagha-Seme Lueku-scholl to land Road (N3.78bn, 60% completed)
  45. Expansion of Amadi-Ama-Abuloma Road with Spur to Okuruama(N4.22bn, 100% completed)
  46. Expansion of Olu Obasanjo Road to six lanes and Rehabilitation of Omoku street, Okomoko street and Okomoko street Spur (N3.07bn, 100% completed)
  47. Design and Reconstruction of Rumuwoji (mile one) Ultra ModernMarket (N2.99bn, 100% completed
  48. Dualization of Epirikom-Rumuolumeni Road (N9.88bn, 57% completed)
  49. Construction of Elioparanwo Road (N2.57bn, 65% completed)
  50. Repair of the collapsed Airforce Base flyover Retaining walls and construction of Dual carriage access Road to the Airforce Base flyover (N2.00bn, 100% completed)
  51. Reconstruction of Roads in D Line Port Harcourt (N7.55bn, 55% completed)
  52. Reconstruxtin of Omuanwa-Elele Road and Elele internal Roads (N2.48bn, 100% completed)
  53. Reconstruction of Eastern Bypass, Amadi-Ama OginigbaRoad (N2.89bn, 100% completed)
  54. Construction of Flyover at Olu Obasanjo Eliozu junction (N1.68bn, 100% completed)


  1. Construction of East/West Bypass and other lik Roads in Ahoada town (N1.17bn, 100% completed)
  2. Construction of Oro Ekpo Odoli/Awabie and ChindaStreet (1.66bn, 100% completed)
  3. Construction of Timothy Lane, Rumuola/Ohiamini Access Road PH plus Retaining wall (N1.62bn, 100% completed).
  4. Construction of Omuanwa internal Roads (N1.50bn, 100% completed)
  5. Construction of Rukpokwu-Eneka/Eneka Eliozu Link Roads (N1.32bn, 100% completed)


1. Construction of Model Primary Schools Under construction: 513

Completed: 315

Functional: 174 .

2. Construction of Model Junior Secondary Schools Under construction: 3

Completed, equipped and ready for use: 1

3. Construction of Model Secondary Schools Proposed for construction: 24 – one in each of the 23 LGAs of the state.

Completed: 5

Functional. 1

Under Construction: 10

Yet to Commence: 9

4. Fencing of Model Primary & Secondary Schools Completed: 246

On-going: 60

5. Landscaping of Model Primary Schools Completed: 236

On-going: 6

6. Furnishing of Model Primary Schools. Total awarded for furnishing: 222

Fully furnished: 197

On-going: 25

7. ICT Deployments to Model Schools Total number awarded: 151

Completed: 146

On-going: 5

8. Scholarships for Rivers states students a) Malaysia: 309-grauduated

b) Russia: 95-graduated (38of them medical doctors)

c) Brazil: 2 (on-going).

d) Germany: 15 (on-going)

9. Technical School (Germany) Number sent for training: 28(graduated with 8 retained as instructors in the states Technical and Vocational School.
Governor’s Overseas Scholarship Scheme This scheme is aimed at training young Rivers men and women in acquiring the best qualifications in the area of medicine, sciences, engineering, information and communications technology, oil and gas engineering and social sciences.

Over 2000 students benefited.

The Oversea Technical training Scheme:

Rivers State Sustainable development Agency (RSSDA) in Partnership with United Nations Institute for Training and research (UNITAR)

Beneficiaries: 80

Country of study: Norway and Namibia

Nature of Study: Wielding, fabrication, drilling, instrumentation and automation.



Undergraduates: 1039

Masters: 301

PHD: 209


Undergraduates: 154

Masters: 44

PHD: 6

Rivers State Quality Assurance Agency To take over and perform the statutory functions, rights, interests, obligations and liabilities of the departments/units responsible for the inspection, supervision and monitoring of public and private schools in the State before the commencement of the Law.
UNESCO WORLD BOOK CAPITAL 2014 The Bangkok team, the 2013 holders of the title, UNESCO’s World Book Capital formally handed over to the Nigerian city of Port Harcourt on April 23, 2014, making the hundred year old city, the first in Sub Saharan Africa, and the second in the entire Africa, after Alexandria, Egypt(2002 host), to emerge a World Book Capital City

Port Harcourt was chosen as 2014 World Book Capital, on account of the quality of its programme, in particular its focus on youth and the impact it will have on improving Nigeria’s culture of books, reading, writing and publishing to improve literacy rates

10 EduComp Solutions Nigeria Limited EduComp Solutions is a world class education service provider and a market leader in digital educational content solutions around the world. They are the Managers of Ambassador Nne Furo Kurubo Model Secondary School.
11 Education Management Information System EMIS. Initiate and carry out national school census. Collection and procession of all education data. Stores data in retrievable manner. Provide reliable, accurate, quality and time education data for good governance.
12 Academic Competitions The Rivers State Ministry of Education organizes and sponsors academic competitions like the Annual Governor’s Cup competition, Spellbound Spelling Competition, Poetry Writing Competition, Read Aloud and Essay Competition.
13 Teacher Education/Welfare. Induction of 13,201 teachers and internship programmes, annual training and re-training of teachers, payment of salaries of teachers as at when due.
14 Free Education The free education program includes providing schooling, books, school uniforms, shoes, bags and sports wears free of charge to all children of school age residing in Rivers State.

The model school project involves providing state of the art learning environments whose key features include providing:

• ICT Labs which are well stocked with computers.

• Libraries

• Sickbays

• Auditoriums

• Well Landscaped and secured environments

• Equipped playgrounds

• Classrooms not exceeding 30 pupils.

15 Community Secondary School Amadi-Ama Completed, fully furnished and ready for use.
16 Borikiri Secondary School Completed, furnished and ready for use.
17 Laptops from INEC Total number at the ministry of education: 1238

Status: refurbished and uploaded with learning software and ready for distribution

18 School Census


The above represents an insignificant birds-eye-view of the humongous developmental achievements of the Amaechi years in Rivers State.

Dr. Peter Odili and family

For anyone who cares to know, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi has always stated his avowed stand, on principle, not to make a single comment on his relationship with his erstwhile political mentor, Dr. Peter Odili and family as no amount of blackmail will make him deviate from that resolve. It is the unshakable belief of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi that his relationship with Dr. Peter Odili and family is divine and not open for speculations and conclusions by mortals. It remains personal and private to this day.

Gov. Wike and Saharareporters

It important for Gov. Nyesom Wike to fix his relationship with Saharareporters (if need be) without attempting to drag the names of APC leaders especially those of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi and Dr. Dakuku Peterside into it for whatever reasons. The two individuals have nothing to do with Saharareporters whatsoever.

The APC views the recent press statement made by Gov. Nyesom Wike through his Special Assistant on Electronic Media, Simeon Nwakaudu, as unfortunate, ill-informed, and occasioned by guilty conscience and self-indictment.

Chris Finebone

State Publicity Secretary.