Nana Addo Must Come Again For Mispresenting “Jihad”

Good morning Sir,

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Kindly grant me some space in your respected outfit to help feature this article in your well cherished publication.The article is as stated below:

Following the article captioned Nana Addo calls for Akan Jihad in the enquirer news paper, issue of 10th February, 2011, in which Nana Addo was reported to have urged his party supporters to be courageous and if possible put their bloods in line come 2012 general elections.

I have no problem with his words of encouragement to his supporters, but my concern as well as that of other Muslim students is based on the fact that Nana Addo made use of Jihad linking it to bloody and deadly affairs, which is unfortunate of him because it negatively present JIHAD. I do not think it is right for him to have adjective his “All-Die-Be-Die” statement with JIHAD as the paper quoted him.

Let me clearly state that it would be very wrong for anyone to take Jihad as a bloody exercise, an extremist character and even synonymous to terrorism as the respected flag bearer of the NPP, Nana Addo is reported to have declared.

The Ghana Muslim Students’ Association (GMSA) has been formally registered and for that matter hold a stake at National Youth Council (NYC), with its motto as “Faith, Knowledge and Jihad” and hence anybody who is ignorant of what Jihad is, would definitely define it just as Nana Addo is reported to have done, by misrepresenting Jihad as a bloody affair.

I therefore would be very clear to put on record that Jihad simply means, striving and contributing towards the upliftment of the course of God (ALLAH), being it materially, intellectually and even physically not necessarily shedding of blood as Nana Addo unfortunately did.

Let me cautiously add that, striving for the course of an individual especially in matters that have no relation with God can never be termed “Jihad”, unless when one would negatively want to, which may even attract the punishment and wrath of the Almighty on the day of judgement. Allah says in the Holy Qur’anand do not kill yourselves, verily Allah is merciful with you”. He again says “and do not engage yourselves in acts that would be disastrous to you, and be kind to yourselves as Allah loves those who are kind”.

Haven explained what Jihad really means, I believe all well meaning individuals would understand the reason for our sentiments and for that matter, agree with us that Nana Addo comes again and even apologise to the Muslim Ummah for misrepresenting JIHAD to help calm down situations and nerves before things get off hand.

Allah bless and save the people of Ghana.

By Imam Ahmed Musah