Nana Addo is not a matured politician – Vanderpuije

An aide to the President says President Mills would not hesitate to invite Nana Addo for talks on critical

NPP flag-bearer Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo
issues of National interest if he {Nana Addo} begins to exhibit signs of political maturity and leadership.

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Nii Lantey Vanderpuije’s attack and criticism on the NPP flagbearer comes after Communications Director of NPP, Nana Akomea, called on President Mills to take up the challenge of the NPP flagbearer and engage him on critical matters of national concern, including the safety and security of his party members.

The call by the Okaikoi South MP came a day after former President Kufuor honoured an invitation to the Castle to dialogue with President Mills on several issues. Nana Akomea said President Mills should do more to show that he is sincere about fostering unity and addressing the concerns of the NPP.

The Deputy Chief of Staff, Alex Segbefia has already dismissed the call by the NPP, describing it as irrelevant.

Speaking to Citi News, Nii Lantey Vanderpuije said President Mills invited ex President Kufuor for talks due to his experience as a former President of the country and finds no reason why President Mills should engage Nana Addo for talks, who’s political experience is limited to a ministerial position under the erstwhile Kufuor government.

He added that the recent “all die be die” comment by Nana Addo has confirmed that he {Nana Addo} is not a matured politician who the President must engage on talks of national interest.

“If Nana Addo had continued to show that he is a matured politician maybe the President would consider that, but his recent utterances has not made him a matured politician. I have maintained that whatever be the issue of Nana Addo, he as a political leader acted irrationally, irresponsibly and did not show maturity”.

“His choice of words and the forum was wrong and I was expecting that as a normal human being when you say something to your conviction that this is what you mean but people are misinterpreting it and condemning what you have said, it would be better for you to rewrite the script, you don’t go out there showing signs of incorrigibility and persistence”.

Meanwhile, a member of the NPP and the Director of the Danquah Institute, Gabby Otchere Darko in a reaction said the level of arrogance being exhibited by members in government is pathetic and unhealthy for the nation.

He said it is unfortunate for an aide of the President to state that the President cannot meet Nana Addo for talks of national concern because he is yet to taste Presidency.