Murdered or suicide?

Some residents of New Site, Kenyase at the crime scene

On Wednesday morning the people of Kenyase Abrem in the Kwabere District of Ashanti Region of Ghana woke up to be confronted with a shocking news of the body of a person hanging in an uncomplicated house.

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The incident, which reportedly happened in the early hours of Wednesday drew a number of on-lookers to the scene.

According to some residents the deceased was not from the area.

The victim of New Site, Kenyase in the Ashanti Region of Ghana

AfricaNewsAnalysis reporter failed to speak to Ghana police personnel after waiting for several hours before their arrival at the scene even though a call went out to them in the early hours of the morning.

Unfortunately, school children and some residents were taking selfie pictures of the dead person.

The deceased is believed to be between the age of 35 to 40.

Source: AfricaNewsAnalysis

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