Mercedes-Benz reports further double-digit growth in unit sales

Mercedes-Benz delivered 133,441 vehicles to its customers (+10.9%) in November. Since the beginning of the year, the company has sold 1,322,500 cars, a growth of 10.7%. Sales rose particularly strongly in China (+26.1%) and in the NAFTA region (+13.2%). Mercedes-Benz was again the most-registered premium manufacturer in the United States and in the German market. Shortly after the model change, the S-Class is the highest-selling luxury sedan of the world. The new compact models are in great demand and the new E-Class also contributed to the strong growth in unit sales. Mercedes-Benz is the fastest-growing premium brand since the beginning of the year.

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“In November, our strong new models once more generated record sales,” said Ola Källenius, Member of the Divisional Board Mercedes-Benz Cars responsible for Marketing & Sales. “Therefore we have already achieved last year’s total sales volume and we are the fastest-growing premium brand since the beginning of the year.”

In the period January to November, the brand sold 605,662 cars in Europe, recording a 6.6 percent increase in unit sales. Growth was particularly strong in Italy (+31.1% in November) and in the UK where more than 101,285 cars have been supplied this year – almost one fifth more than in the same period last year (+19,2%). In its German home market, Mercedes-Benz further expanded its market share to 9.2% and was again the most-registered premium manufacturer. Since the beginning of the year the brand sold 235,261 vehicles (py. 238,393 u.).

Mercedes-Benz generated further record-breaking sales in the NAFTA region markets, including the US where the company supplied 34,376 cars in November. This rise of 13.4 percent meant that it remained the top premium brand. As recently as November, US pricing institute ALG (Automotive Leasing Guide) recognised Mercedes-Benz cars for their high value retention, ranking Mercedes the top premium brand for resale value. According to the study, a three-year old CLA will have the highest residual value of any compact car in the premium segment.

November was also very successful for Mercedes-Benz in China, where the Stuttgart-based premium brand manufacturer sold 21,277 cars and generated sales growth of 26.1 percent. The Chinese market is particularly important for the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Last month, this luxury sedan was voted “Car of the Year” in China by a jury of ten comprising the editors-in-chief of the country’s leading automotive publications.

Mercedes-Benz was again the top-selling premium manufacturer in Japan last month, with sales of 4,332 vehicles (up by 43.2 percent). Sales were also strong in the fast-growing economies of Brazil, Russia and South Korea, where they rose by 59.4 percent, 17.3 percent and 15.0 percent respectively.

Shortly after its model change, the S-Class again became the highest-selling luxury sedan in the world with a total of 7,617 sedans delivered in November (an increase of 47.3 percent). Also in November, market research firm ‘Bähr & Fess Forecasts’ named it the luxury car that best holds its value.

The new E-Class is now available in all markets and it too attracted strong demand last month: A total of 32,693 E-Class cars were sold, representing an increase of 17.9 percent.

Demand for SUVs bearing the three-pointed star has also been brisk. Since the beginning of the year, 294,130 units have been sold – a record-breaking figure that equates to an increase of 14.4 percent.

Sales of the new Mercedes-Benz compact models also continued to rise in November, with global sales of A-, B- and CLA-Class models totalling 33,382 (up by 53.8 percent).

Demand for the smart fortwo two-seater rose by 13.3 percent in November. The smart is particularly popular in China and the USA, but sales of the city runabout have also increased in established markets such as Germany and Italy where it has gained market share.