LEGAL PERSPECTIVE: Combating Drug Trafficking by Dr AbdelGadir Warsama

Dr AbdelGadir Warsama, Legal Counsel

Every year on 26th June, as directed by the UN, the world celebrates the day for combating drug trafficking. This celebration, denotes the importance of a global and unified stand to combat drug trafficking, one of the most serious transnational crimes. The United Nations Office for Drugs & Crimes (UNODC), since long time calls drug trafficking an epidemic, they use this before its usage now due to COVID-19. This is because, loses from this crime almost reaches 700 Billion Dollar per year and almost 5. 5 percent of the global population takes illegal drugs and mostly youngsters. Moreover, a report from American Drug administration, years back, says about 129 persons die daily due to drugs overdose. This crime is a killer.

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There are tough laws, everywhere, against this crime. Also, as this crime passes freely and enters all countries without a need for a visa, there are certain international conventions to combat drugs trafficking and associated crimes particularly money laundering and terrorism financing. However, it is noticeable that, drugs trafficking criminals are smart and they benefit from all mistakes to keep their crime rolling and spreading. Therefore, authorities need to develop their skills to be able to match such criminal active brains. Good to learn that, authorities are now using artificial intelligence (AI) in their process to combat this crime. Robots of special capabilities can be used in checking people and their luggage in airports or borders. Drones, can be used to take photos of cultivated fields or to destroy them. In banks & financial institutions, AI solutions can enhance existing transactions monitoring, KYC, sanctions names screening, used to screen all records, accounts, transfers or remittances, etc.. This could help to identify launderers trying to launder dirty money coming from drug trafficking. Such measures, will put great pressure on all trying to launder dirty proceeds.

As mentioned, tough penalties are required to control and combat drug trafficking due to its grave bad effects on the society, economy and the general welfare of each country. However, legal penalties by themselves are not enough. We need general culture against illicit drugs, we need support from parents, schools, NGOs and each and every body to take his grip to stand against this crime and criminals. Moreover, in addition to this, special care should be focused on the rehabilitation of this segment. They need medical, physiological support to enable them to revamp themselves and rejoin the society. Reformation in such instances, is the best solution in lieu of punishment. Let’s do it for the sake of our society.

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