LEGAL PERSPECTIVE: Artificial Intelligence, by Dr AbdelGadir Warsama, Legal Counsel

Dr AbdelGadir Warsama, Legal Counsel

Artificial Intelligence is the ultimate end result of the IT revolution started last century. The IT revolution, in its new shape, started by youngsters creating new tech companies like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others in the pipeline. All of them, opened new routes enabling technology to expand. From this expansion comes the birth of the 4th industrial revolution based on Artificial Intelligence. The emergence of AI, plays great role in new inventions engineered to enable machines to undertake tasks in replacement of humans. This could be a problem, as the intelligence of humans will be replaced by machines and could end-up in bundles of idle people. Therefore, need arises for certain regulations to cater for new human resources strategies. Many entities including ILO, raised concerns regarding the “machine” or the new job masters and their strong competitive privilege.

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Robots are used to help in medical operations, counter staff, TVs presenters, inspectors or fixers of tiny items in industries. Some are utilized in dangerous duties including detection of mines or hidden metals or poisonous liquids in the high air or the bottom of oceans. What alerts, is the role of robots in medical surgeries or dealing directly with the body of humans. Irrespective of such role, any mistake is irreparable and could happen.

Another example is drones used to achieve many normal and sensitive duties in replacement for humans. Drones, are to deliver risky and non-risky items, photography, videos and others. Also, they are used in military purposes. There are many risks, as drones may detour and go to a different place or while going to the designated area they may trespass others property without consent or even knowledge. The role of drones, is of interest due to fast services and other reasons, however, there is genuine need to preserve interests and safety of all.

Now e-cars are crossing streets to serve others in replacement for bus or taxi drivers or other commuters. The new e-cars are self-driven and their artificial mind is working under certain technological prepared program for driving. E-cars could give a cheap, fast, confidential service, however, there are risks to passenger, items, pedestrians and others.

The 4th industrial revolution, will rely on machines and give them the necessary artificial intelligence to be able to do work. Earlier we used to control machines, now, it appears that time has come for machines to control humans or work by themselves. Here comes the risk, as machines are deaf, ductless and lack senses and due to this they could be dangerous. E-development is the new spirit that we need, however, to achieve better, secure, save and sustainable results, there is strong need to legislations. The new legislations are not to handicap the AI or other e-development nor to curb or distract new inventions, rather, it should open the way and prepare the legal infrastructure for e-development to grow, blossom and breed all products for the benefit of humans. The law could possibly walk along, hand in hand, with new IT technologies and such marriage will certainly give legitimate off-spring for all e-future technologies.

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