Kofi Wayo: African Leaders Have A Special Place In Hell

Kofi Wayo

…I Don’t Feel Sorry For Prez Mills

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Maverick politician, Chuck Kofi Wayo, is in the news again. The Leader of the defunct United Renaissance Party (URP) on Friday, September 17, launched a verbal vituperative against African leaders accusing them of being ego-centric, and for which reason, there is a special place reserved in “hell” for them.

Interestingly, his first target turned out to be the leader of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), President John Evans Atta Mills who he claims has ignored all his (Mr. Wayo’s) counsel, eventhough he concedes the NDC are willing listeners.

“This gov’t, what I like about them is this they are willing to listen…they all think in a box…like rats, they look outside the box and they are curious. They want to get out…the NPP big men, they’ve accepted that our condition is going to be like this…Atta Mill’s gov’t, there are individuals who know there’s a problem…,” he said.

Speaking in an interview with VibeFM, Mr. Wayo, whose derisive attacks knew no bounds, also suggested that due to the poisonous state of the country’s drinking water, the brains of most kids are not wired right.

“…most of the people born here the brain don’t get the chance to have the oxygen it needs to develop right…,” he stated.

Still on leadership, the URP founder said leaders in Ghana, have corrupted everything including “journalism and the Bible” and added that the “real criminals were in government and in churches taking people’s money.

The outspoken politician, who opined that “judges are part of the security forces”, equated “one corrupt judge” to “a thousand armed robbers”, and also added that “one corrupt Minister can ruin a whole nation.”

“…if I’m a Minister and I steal money, the taxpayer’s money, I’m indirectly killing children in the hospitals…villages,” he stated.

”The governing system in Africa did not work…African leaders do not have common sense,” he stated and revealed that Billy Graham (the charismatic religiously leader) once told him “there was a special place in hell for African leaders.”

He described African leaders as people who had turned out to be ten times more brutal than their white colonial masters, admitted that these Europeans are shady but smart.

“African leaders steal money and don’t do anything with it…The White man is corrupt but intelligent…the white man knows he has to chop small and give 90% to the people but for the black man, he will chop 90%…and fight over the remaining 10% with the people,” Mr. Wayo asserted amidst laughter.

The oil-magnate revealed that when the NDC assumed power he placed a request to the president that a taskforce be set up with him at the helm of affairs to oversee roads, lights and the gas problems faced by Ghanaians, because he had the “connections”. But Mr. Wayo said he was flatly rebuffed, and expressed no pity for President Mills’ apparent flounders, because he had put square pegs in round holes, who are rather causing him embarrassment.

“…I don’t feel sorry for him (President Mills) because they are going to embarrass him till he is voted out (of power),” he added.

Source: peacefmonline