It is possible to transform Ghana in 10 years – Policy analyst

A Policy analyst at IMANI Ghana says it is highly possible for Ghana to be transformed into a developed country in ten years.

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Selorm Brantie is convinced that can happen only with a new policy direction, laced with creativity in mobilizing revenue and empowering local businesses.

He was responding to a declaration by the opposition flagbearer Nana Akufo-Addo that the NPP can transform Ghana in ten years under his stewardship.

Addressing a workshop organized for NPP researchers from the ten regions Wednesday, Nana Addo stated emphatically that Ghana can emulate the exploits of Brazil and Taiwan and develop within ten years with “Dedication, Discipline and Determination.”

He opined that Ghana must first do away with the “Guggisberg economy” of exporting raw materials into a more refined system – perhaps an “Akufo-Addo economy” of adding value to the raw materials here in Ghana.

His declaration has been met with some doubts and some cynicism, more so when the NPP just left power after eight years in office.

But a member of Nana Addo’s communication team, Yaw Buabeng Asamoah is confident that can be done with a focused leadership with an eye on transformation.

He said the country appears to have everything going its way – Akosombo Dam over flowing, cocoa and gold prices at an all time high, oil boom, good foundation in ICT, – but needs a focused and competent leadership to make Ghana follow the Brazil way.

Asked how plausible it was for Nana Addo to transform the country in ten years when realistically, he has eight years to govern – [that is if he is elected in the 2012 elections] -, Mr Buabeng indicated that by his eighth year in office he would have laid a formidable foundation and a blue print for his predecessor to follow through.

Nana Addo’s assertions on the ten year development plan have somewhat been corroborated by Selorm Brantie of IMANI Ghana, a policy think tank.

Mr Brantie told Joy News’ Dzifa Bampoh that it is not overly ambitious for Ghana to transform in ten years but can only do that with a new policy of decentralization.

He said if government can pluck the loopholes and prevent the excessive waste in public expenditure, and empower local businesses by lowering taxation and creating a congenial business environment, there is no doubt Ghana can develop.

He conceded though that the Brazilian scenario may be a little different from Ghana’s, given the differences in resources but was positive that Ghana can be able to develop faster in 10 years.

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