How Ghanaians react afta Ghana Electoral Commission (EC) admit foreigners & minors into new voters register

Some Ghanaians no make amused after Ghana Electoral Commission (EC) admit say some minors and foreigners find dema way onto de new register.

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EC Chairperson, Jean Mensah talk media reveal say dem dey put in measures to clean de register before de December polls.

„We know say a number of minors find dema way onto de register,“ Jean Mensah admit.

„We be confident say de challenge process for all districts throughout de country go help deal plus dis illegality and rid de register of those who no for dey there,“ she add.

But some Ghanaians no dey take dis revelation lightly sake of de purpose of compiling new register be say dem go make sure say only citizens go dey top.

One of de major issues wey lead to de compilation of new voter register be talks say de voter register get other West African inside.

Some social media users dey react say instead of compiling new Ghanaian only register, de register rather move from de supposed old ECOWAS status to United Nations status.

What EC go do about minors and foreigners on register

Electoral Commission (EC) after de new registration process dem register 16.9 million persons so far.

EC say de current figures be provisional pending processes of deduplication and adjudication.

Again, EC say de challenge system wey dey in place during de registration and exhibition exercise go help dem flag unqualified voters on de register

According to Jean Mensah, EC chairperson believe say these things go help clean de register and ensure say de e be credible.


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