Happy New Year From NPP Germany

As we prepare to usher in the new year the Germany branch of the New Patriotic
Party[NPP] would want to wish all Ghanaians a happy new year and a stable and peaceful
Ghana. We also take this opportunity to congratulate our hardworking Farmers, Fishermen,
Teachers, Doctors, Nurses ,Security Services, Civil Servants, the Judiciary and the Media for
their dedication and commitment to the cause of our country.

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While wishing our country the best of everything in the coming years it is equally important
to point out our mistakes and shortcomings during the past year with the view to correcting
avoiding such mistakes in the future.
We are particularly concerned about the politics of deception, misinformation, outright lies
and fraudulent misrepresentation which has become the stock in trade of the NDC
government. At the beginning of the year Mr Okudzeto Ablakwa Deputy Minister for
Information told Ghanaians that the Mills-Mahama Administration had created 1.6 million
jobs only to be denied and contradicted By Hon E.T Mensah, Minister for Labour and Social
Welfare. The same Okudzeto Ablakwa also claimed in December this year that 375
Diplomatic Passports have been withdrawn. This was flatly refuted by Hon Mohammed
Mumuni, the Minister for Foreign Affairs.
In other jurisdictions such a conduct would have resulted in immediate dismissal because a
Minister of state who has taken an oath of office owe a duty to the citizens to tell the truth
at all times. The fact that Ablakwa Okudzeto is still at post is not just shameful but more
importantly it undermines trust and confidence in our political system.
In a desperate attempt to mislead Ghanaians, the Ministry of Information which has lost all
credibility came out with a 39 page document listing the top 50 achievements of the NDC
government. A closer scrutiny of the so called achievements reveals that half of the projects
being touted as achievements were initiated by the NPP government under the able and
visionary leadership of President J A Kuffour while the remaining half are just mere
statements of intents and cannot be described as achievements.
Having realised that outright lies and deception was unhelpful to their cause, the NDC
propaganda machinery resorted to the politics of personal attacks instead of addressing real
and substantive issues. Politics of insults, the use of very crude and ungentlemanly language
became the order of the day all in a vain attempt to divert attention from the failure of the
Mills-Mahama administration to deliver on the numerous election promises. It is indeed
unfortunate that government spoke persons and Ministers of state who should serve as role
models are the worst offenders. Against this background we call on the President to bring
his numerous spokes persons especially the John Mahamas, the Derick Adjeis,John Jinapors
and Aseidu Nketias to order by having them take some lessons in how to conduct
themselves in their public utterances.Government opponents were not the only victims of these vicious attacks, independent
Media Practitioners, Social Commentators and Journalists were not spared. Radio stations
came under attack while a number of Journalists were brutally assaulted by government
supporters and sympathisers. These attacks were not isolated incidents but a deliberate
attempt by the NDC government to intimidate and silence all critical voices in Ghana. The
arrest and detention of Nana Darkwa on the orders of Kofi Adam,Deputy General Secretary
of the NDC, the attacks on two Journalist-Mr Amoako Atta and Apratwum at Sunyani and
attacks on four radio stations in recent weeks should leave no one in any doubt as to the
intentions of the Mills –Mahama administration .President Mills and his government must
be reminded that Ghanaians deserve and indeed demand that government concentrates on
meeting their needs and expectations in 2011 and put an end to the politics of intimidation.
The rule of law, due process, respect for property rights and personal freedoms came under
attack under the NDC government; a situation that has given cause for concern among most
Ghanaians. The senseless attacks and acts of vandalism perpetrated by the so called foot
soldiers against government officials and state institutions particularly the National Health
Insurance Scheme is ample demonstration of the Breakdown of law and order in our
country. Instead of the rule of law our country was governed by the rule of mob under
which these lawless NDC supporters dictated and directed government policy.
It must be pointed out that the foot soldiers were not the only offenders, senior party
officials of the NDC including Anita Dessousa the National Women Organiser were also
engaged in these acts of lawlessness. It would be recalled that during the bye election at
Atiwa in 2010,the NDC Women Organiser wilfully drove her vehicle through a crowd
maiming and injuring several people. It is sad and unfortunate to note that the perpetrator
of this heinous crime has never been invited by the police to make statement and as such no
charges are likely to be preferred against her so long as the NCD remains in power. Under
the rule of law all citizens are held equal before the law irrespective of social standing, tribe,
political affiliation or religious belief. What we see under the Mills-Mahama administration
is selective justice which undermines our democracy and threatens the peace and stability
of our country. We therefore demand that the government lives up to its responsibilities by
upholding and respecting the rule of law, due process and proper procedure to ensure that
the peaceful and stable country which the NPP government handed over to them remains
so when they leave office in 2012.
As the only political tradition in Ghana that understands and appreciates the importance of
the rule of law and due process in a democracy, the NPP would want to assure Ghanaians
that we would not relent in our efforts and determination to uphold and defend these
principles at all cost in the coming year. Happy New Year to all.
Kwaku Anane-Gyinde
Director of Communications /NPP Germany