GHANA:Oposition NPP urges Gov’t to solve Ga state impasse

The opposition New Patriotic Party has challenged the ruling NDC government to take pragmatic steps to ensure that the current turmoil in the Ga State is resolved amicably.

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The NPP says it is unhappy with Government’s posture towards the current Ga Chieftaincy impasse.

According to the NPP, the lukewarm attitude with which the government responded to last weekend’s enstoolment of a New Ga Mantse and subsequent activities is regrettable.

The General Secretary of the NPP, Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie popularly known as Sir John told Citi News that the government ought to show concern and initiate processes to address the impasse.

“Government has a role to play in this matter, the fact that government must not interfere in chieftaincy matters does not mean that if there are two warrior factions then the government must go to bed without doing anything about that. The government must ensure that the proper thing is done in this country…if this is how the government is going to handle things in this country then God help us”.

However, a Deputy Minister of Information, Hon. Baba Jamal told Citi News that the government has no interest in deciding who the Ga Mantse becomes.

He said it is not in the interest of a ruling government to meddle in chieftaincy affairs.

Hon. Baba Jaml accused the erstwhile Kufuor administration for interfering in the Ga chieftaincy issue which has led to the current turmoil in the Ga state.

“The government wants to use the most appropriate means to achieve peace and that is the most important thing. At the end of the day we would achieve the peace that we want in the capital. Look at Bawku, we tried to use very peaceful means to achieve the peace there. Look at Dagbon, all these problems were created by the NPP and today they turn around and blame us”.