Ghanaian Politics: Kwadwo Mpiani, what again do you want? – Asks Acka-Nyanzu Blay-Miezah

A local proverb posits that the crying baby that insist its mother will not sleep will itself not be spared from sleeplessness. Sadly but true, This is the anguish all those fermenting troubles and proxy wars within the NPP for their selfish interest will have to suffer as is already happening.

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Right after the supreme court’s judgement on the election petition, when the jostling and positioning for who to succeed the then national executives to seize control of the party started, there has been very ugly noises emanating from the camp of the NPP.

From well-orchestrated distortions, manipulations and allegations that characterized the campaign leading to the party’s Tamale conference, the worrying signs now emerging show clearly that all is not well at the top with the newly elected national executives.  It is nothing hidden that some persons have assumed the impression that they now control the party albeit if only limited to Asylum Down especially going by the results from the Tamale conference. So therefore they must have it their way or we take the highway!

Even before the new executives will complete its composition with the appointment of deputies, the party is compelled to move up gears to begin the process of electing it’s next flag bearer in consistency with its constitution. And if the common expression, ‘coming events cast their shadow’, is anything to go by, then my NPP brethren, get ready for worse because the forces behind all these chaos being exhibited in the party are not stopping anytime soon unless they get what they want. It is upto us to stand up and resist them without fear or favor.

But what exactly do these person(s) want in NPP such that they with their selfish desires are prepared to deny the party of a 2016 victory just to ensure they get what they want. Is it to control the party which they already claim they do or just to spoil the obvious chances of another candidate they perceive to be a threat to their selfish interest?  Personally, i think to control the party and it’s next flag bearer even when it’s obvious they are in the minority is the main fuel driving this evil passion. Without mincing words, I can and I think we should all be bold to point out who is behind all these ugly noises.

There is one name that has constantly been mentioned at the centre of this building storm right from the polling station elections through to the various elections culminating into the national officers’ election. The same person is once again stirring up the storm in the young processes leading up to the presidential primaries and quick to divert attention by pointing to others he claims are fighting over nothing.

Mr. Kwadwo Mpiani, what exactly do you seek to achieve by all these your manipulations of the newly elected national executives? You wanted to decide who becomes the party chairman and you got it, what again? If you know the candidate you pushed to be chairman cannot assert his authority why did you not contest yourself? I do not think we should be blaming Afoko if he seems not to be a chairman of himself because the fact is that he is serving the interest of his sponsor, Kwadwo Mpiani.

The main reason why deputies have not been appointed is because Kwadwo Mpiani wants to hand-pick them thus impose his choice on the elected officers. Afoko having issues with the constitution of the National Council was simply because Kwadwo Mpiani was insisting on hand picking his choice to ensure that only his cause is advanced. To advance this same cause, he is eager to trigger a Super Delegates election by ensuring that there are more than five persons picking nominations for the presidential primaries. It is for the reason of sponsoring his numerous candidates that he argued for a very low filing fee for the presidential primaries which was thrown away at the last National Council meeting.

This same Kwadwo Mpiani has become eager to have his voice always heard on Neat FM, OK FM and some prints. He was so quick to jump onto these platforms to accuse a national officer of the party and a former deputy speaker of the Republic of leaking information to his paper. If there is anyone who is to be blamed for these leakages, it is you, Kwadwo Mpiani. The minority leader together with MP for Aburi who arrived late at the last NC meeting have all confirmed on radio that they overheard you speaking on the phone at Alisa Hotels about happenings at the meeting which was supposed to be classified at which point O.B Amoah termed what you were doing as diabolics.

Journalist and some party loyalist who were there said you were speaking on top of your voice over the phone like you always do, in the full glare of all these witnesses. How am i supposed to know if you were not already reporting to your journalist friends over the phone? And you have the audacity to accuse Freddy Blay as the source of leakages. I thought you should be consistent and hail Daily Guide like you always hail Kweku Baako when he intercepts classified documents and publishes. Daily Guide started publishing things you considered classified not from just yesterday but indeed that has been the characteristic of the paper and you know it.

Stop pretending

Now you want to turn around and tell us to stop fighting over nothing. So is it for nothing that you are fighting with all these wars you seem to be creating everywhere within the party? If you really love and want the good of this party then please stay off and allow those who have been elected run affairs. If you are not pleased by their record, put up yourself for election next time. If this party fails to win the 2016 elections, all the blame will be on you and you will have some of us to deal with.

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