Ghanaian Politics: JJ Rawlings Pays NDC Membership Dues …… Not Prepared To Bolt NDC – By Margaret Jackson

Jerry John Rawlings in traditional regalia
Those who have stashed their big wine cellars with champagnes, whiskies, brandies and what have you, and have been waiting patiently and pensively ready to celebrate as soon as they hear the much awaited “announcement” may have a long time to wait. But those who have bought dozens of handkerchiefs, flags and big banners with loads of white powder and lavender may get the rudest shock of their lives.

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It is an open secret that members of the biggest opposition party, the NPP have been counting their “blessings” ever since rumour encircled the political landscape that ex-president Rawlings was preparing to bolt the NDC which he founded. But the rumour gained a wider currency of extraordinary proportion when news suddenly popped out about the yet-to-be approved National Democratic Party (NDP) nearly three weeks ago.

Immediately, the news about the NDP came out, the Rawlingses were instantly linked to that party with the disgraced unrepentant bribe taker Dr. Josiah Aryeh, making rounds on TV and Radio Stations that JJ Rawlings was solidly behind the NDP and that he was about to poke his hands into the eyes of the NDC by bolting it to join the NDP. This bold but unsubstantiated assertion by Aryeh gladdened the hearts of the NPP folks who were beside themselves and jubilating that as soon as JJ Rawlings bolts the NDC their victory to the Osu Castle come January 7 was signed, sealed and delivered.

The NPP which stands to “gain” if such a thing happens could hardly hide their glee and happiness as they went on air to say nice things about Rawlings with the view to further prodding him on to bolt the NDC in order to weaken the party. But those who harboured such evil and dubious intentions may be waiting for a long time to come.

It’s been two long weeks since the news of the formation of the NDP came out but we have heard nothing from JJ Rawlings concerning the NDP. In fact, not even after Josiah Aryeh has stated emphatically that Rawlings was behind the NDP have we heard anything from JJ Rawlings. Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings who was also rumoured to have actually formed the party has also been mute about the whole NDP issue which is making the opposition shaking in their panties with much uneasiness looming across their evil heads which is full of nothing but deceit.

But out of the blue came some good and heart-warming news which should gladden the hearts and lift up the spirits of all NDC supporters and lovers especially the foot-soldiers and forever shame the opposition NPP and put them into further disarray. The rumour which filtered in that President Mills and JJ Rawlings met at the Castle has been confirmed. But wait for the most delightful news of all.

I have impeccable information that JJ Rawlings who owed back NDC membership dues have gone to pay his dues at the NDC headquarters. He did that about two weeks ago. The payment of the back dues has put Rawlings’ NDC membership in good standing. Those who doubt this story can check it out.

The payment of the back dues has suddenly put to rest Rawlings’ supposed attempt to leave the NDC for the yet to be born NDP. Somebody who is preparing to leave his party will not go and pay his back membership dues at the party’s headquarters to put his membership up to date and in good standing.

Believe me the payment of the back dues by Rawlings has energized the NDC leadership which has been looking for ways to put the wrangling in the party behind it so as to refocus on the campaign. A visit to the NDC campaign headquarters will see the party leadership so excited about this latest gesture by Rawlings which is seen as his affirmation of trust and commitment to the NDC.

I bet you the opposition will never be happy to read this piece of information because they have been waiting patiently for Rawlings to announce his bolting from the NDC for them to celebrate and also use it as part of their campaign message. And those NDC foot-soldiers who have been confused by the wrangling within the NDC can now go to bed knowing that the unity of the party is close at hand.

The NDC members who have been lambasting Rawlings should cease and desist going forward since the biggest target and focus must be Nana Akufo-Addo, the man who is running his second presidential campaign without any record to boast of. Akufo-Addo’s mantra is to adopt a wait-and-see attitude so as to cash in on any bad news emanating from the NDC. That happens to wanna-be presidents who have nothing credible to run on.

I strongly believe that if the NDC runs a smart campaign by highlighting on what they have done in terms of building multiple new classroom blocks, removing most of the schools under trees, building of hospitals and clinics, roads, distribution of free school uniforms, distribution of free lap-tops, provision of electricity, water, distribution of free exercise books, placing of 92% of civil servants on the Single Spine Structure, 50% increase in the capitation grant, subsidized fertilizers to farmers and 20 million free seedlings to boost cocoa farming among others, they will win the December 7 elections hands down.

The NDC members have to go and tell their own story. That is what will coast them to victory. If you have nothing to trump on your own, you go negative. So the NDC family has to tell Ghanaians what they have done for the past three and half years which beats Kufuor’s eight years.

To those who have been watching and waiting without having any credible record to run their campaign got to adopt a new campaign strategy because Rawlings’ bolting the NDC isn’t gonna happen. He has paid his membership dues and met with President Mills. These are two important landmarks to demonstrate to the NPP that the spirit of the NDC is back and that they better watch out because fire will be unleashed on them soon.

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