GHANA: Traditional Chiefs get your acts right


Why are some traditional chiefs in Ghana on a war path against the youth of Ghana for speaking out about the ills in the country?

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Do we all agree that the youth are the future of any country? If yes, are the youth then wrong to speak on issues that may impact on their future?

It is interesting to note that most of the traditional leaders are past their 60th birthday. By natural order, they may leave this earth leaving the country behind for the youth. But alas, by presiding over the destruction of the country’s environment and forest and rivers, they are feeling the heat because the youth are awake and asking for the right things to be done.

What is wrong with a country’s future leaders asking for accountability?

Do not blame President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for the ills of Galamsey going on in Ghana. Ghana’s Chiefs, from top to bottom are to blame. The Chiefs have persuaded themselves that they are the custodians of the land in Ghana. But looking at the current destruction of Ghana’s rivers, forests etc. how can they claim to be the custodians of the land?

How on earth can a custodian of a revered property preside over the destruction of the same property? What defence does Ghana’s traditional leaders have for looking on whilst the land is destroyed?

Upon all the ills going on in the society in Ghana, some of these traditional ruler scramble to curse, threaten and insult the youth for speaking out.

The Chiefs and their elders must stop the stupidity, the insults, the curses, and their arrant arrogance and get their acts together. They should not underestimate the anger of the youth in Ghana.

If the Chiefs and their elders don’t want to be criticised, they should abdicate.

The days of keeping quiet are over. This is time for action. Do the right things and the criticism of your stupidity will stop. It is not easy or practicable to silence the youth in the 21st century.

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