GHANA: The Youth and Election 2020

The Coat of Arms of Ghana

“To Hell with the Old Generation,” says Lina Boubess, the icon of the Lebanese revolution currently sweeping the Middle Eastern country.

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Lebanon, once referred to as the Switzerland of the Middle East is today in tatters due to the corrupt habits of the so-called older generation of politicians who have nothing to offer the country’s youthful population.

Could the same be said of the West African country, Ghana?

In Ghana today, the current crop of OLD POLITICIANS have, unfortunately, reduced Ghanaians to the level of puppets of the two main political parties, namely, the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the main opposition National Democratic Congress NDC, to extent that in today’s Ghana, no meaningful discussion could take place without one being branded as a supporter of either the NPP or the NDC. Is that what the youth of Ghana want?

These same crops of politicians have reportedly packed members of their immediate families and sent them abroad; some of them have dual citizenship with either countries in Europe or the Americas. In the event of Ghana erupting in flames due to the negligence and intransigence of the political leadership, their luggage is fully packed ready for them to flee from the chaos they have caused, leaving the youth behind.

So, in effect, the OLD GENERATION politicians are effectively INDEPENDENT from the country. INDEPENDENT in the sense that their children attend private schools, not the public schools they run down through their incompetence and lack of vision; they see private medical practitioners when the need arises and again, not the public hospitals they have neglected and they have their FIRST HOME abroad; mind you, Ghana is NOT their FIRST HOME. For most of them, GHANA is only an ECONOMIC battleground to amass wealth. How many of them do not have foreign Bank accounts?

It is therefore imperative that you, the youth of Ghana, do not allow these old, failed visionless politicians to fool you by inducting you into vigilantism during presidential and parliamentary eletions.

Ask yourselves, how many of these politicians have their eldest sons or daughters leading any of their own political party’s vigilante groups? Their children are in schools or universities abroad; they are being equipped with better education and skills ABROAD, mind you not in GHANA, so that they will come back and lord it over you again; a continuation of their parent’s exploitation of the resources of your land.

This is not a call for a revolution in Ghana; this is a plea for the youth in Ghana who are being misled by visionless politicians into vigilantism, to think about your future.