GHANA: The Director-General of Ghana Broadcasting Corporation has a problem

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The Director-General of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation is reported to have expressed the need to censure the free flow of information in Ghana.

The Director-General, Prof. Amin Alhassan seems not to appreciate the right of Ghanaians to free information.

Whiles we do not doubt his doctorate degree, Prof. Amin Alhassan, is exhibiting crass ignorance on the importance of responsible journalism.

Prof. Alhassan has shown clearly that he is blind to the fact that, a free media is a necessary pillar within a democratic dispensation.

The Director-General of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation should be told that free journalism is crucial in a young democracy such as Ghana’s.

Prof. Amin Alhassan mentioned in his address what he calls, “Community Values”.

Now, the question is: What does the GBC Director-General mean by “Community Values”? Is the destruction of Ghana’s forests in the name of illegal mining part of Ghana’s “Community Values”?

What is the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation doing to educate Ghanaians on the menace of illegal mining and the destruction of the country’s water bodies?