Ghana: Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings Is An Expired Commodity – Says Margaret Jackson

Nana Konadu-Agyemang Rawlings
Nana Konadu-Agyemang Rawlings

Perhaps Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, the longest serving former First Lady of Ghana, in her blinkered view believes the Presidency of Ghana is a dynasty. That is why this woman, who is viewed by political pundits and voters as an “expired political commodity”, has turned into a commode-buzzing fly just making empty political noise to expose her selfishness, ignorance, mediocrity, bumptiousness, greed, hatred, and disrespect for others.

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I heard Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings was wildly awake on Tuesday November 7 rooting for Hillary Clinton to become the first former First Lady to win the US Presidency. Nana Konadu rooted for Clinton on purpose. Konadu was looking to replicate Hillary if she had won. But Konadu, the most polarising figure one can ever imagine, is no Hillary Clinton. Even Clinton, with all her political and vast experience lost the presidential election to a political novice called Donald Trump.

Nana Konadu is a very selfish person. I am dead serious about this! And I have no apologies for branding Konadu as a selfish and an ill-motive person. Those who know her very well understand where I am coming from. Due to Konadu’s terrible character, she has no friends in Ghana today. She is simply toxic and no sane person wants to mingle with her.

All those who stood with Konadu during the heat of the PNDC era and her husband’s presidency from 1992 through 2000 have deserted her. Konadu is a loner whose hallucinating behaviour drives her to bat the NDC at every given turn.

Mention Shirley Ayittey, Edith Ewool, and others who served Konadu creditably and faithfully but today do not even want to see her face ever again. This is the Nana Konadu whose selfish tendencies compelled her to bolt the NDC to form the National Democratic Party (DNP) after she lost her bid to lead the party in the 2012 election.

On the campaign trail today, Konadu has no message. All she keeps saying is that President John Dramani Mahama is leading a corrupt government. But who in Ghana is more corrupt than Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings? Due to her lust for money and power, I can conveniently compare Nana Konadu, to Imelda Romualdez Marcos, the widow of Ferdinand Marcos, the 10th President of the Philippines. I can bet my last coin that Nana Konadu will go down in history as the most corrupt First Lady ever to walk the face of Ghana if not Africa.

Now here is why I am making such a huge assertion. There used to be a Ghana National Trading Corporation (GNTC) building at Kanda. When GNTC went burst, Nana Konadu moved in and acquired that building free of charge. She paid nothing for that building. Today, one of Konadu’s daughters, Yaa Asantewaa uses that building as her law office.

The former GNTC also had another building at Ringway Estate near the Country Kitchen Restaurant. Nana Konadu grabbed that building as well. Even though the building near the Country Kitchen Restaurant had been pulled down by Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, that piece of property belongs to her. Just check it out if you don’t believe me.

I am not done yet. Just opposite the Cantonments Post Office used to be the Star Hotel, which belonged to the government of Ghana. It belonged to all of us. However, due to mismanagement the Star Hotel closed down. The “ever grabbing” Konadu moved in and grabbed the property. She however sold that juicy property to some private investors who pulled down the Star Hotel. Today that area has a cluster of houses that have been sold out to those who have the money to buy them.

Shameless Nana Konadu who claims to be a woman of integrity acquired the Nsawam Cannery through mysterious circumstances. That is why former President John Agyekum Kufuor tried very hard to put her behind bars. Konadu must always pray and thank God, that President Mills won the 2008 elections. If Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo had won the elections in 2008, Nana Konadu would still be languishing in jail.

I have another dubious act by Nana Konadu, which I want to bring to public notice. There is a road from the Ghana Institute of Journalism, which leads to the Police Headquarters in Accra. On that road, we have the Assemblies of God Church and directly opposite the church used to be the official residence of the former Managing Director of the GNTC where Nana Konadu grew up because her late dad Papa Agyeman was the former MD of the GNTC.

Greedy Konadu Agyeman Rawlings grabbed that house also and the other houses, which all belonged to the GNTC in that area. Today, she has sold the lands, and whoever happens to pass there, will see some high-rise buildings that have been sold by private investors.

The Nsawam people are on the heels of Konadu whose insatiable taste for wealth knows no bounds. She has grabbed over 300 acres of lands from the Nsawam area and paid just some peanuts. Just take your time and carefully read what I have put up and draw your own conclusions.

This is the woman, who has the audacity to say that President Mahama is corrupt. But what makes Konadu laughable is the interview she gave this week that her husband, former President Rawlings would not campaign for the NDC in the upcoming December 7 Election. Unless Konadu is trying to play mischief but she knows very well that Rawlings did not campaign for President Mahama in the 2012 elections but rather courted Akufo-Addo and openly supported him, yet Mahama went on to win the Presidency.

Again, it is on record that Rawlings did not play any meaningful role in the 2008 elections after the late President Mills refused to go with his preferred candidate as his running mate. But Rawlings, nicodemously metamorphosed into the NDC frontline when he realized that President Mills had won the 2008 election by a whisker in the second round. Therefore, the NDC has thrived very well for the past 8 years without Rawlings and would continue to perform better without him.

Nana Konadu is a very dubious person. Just talk to Nana Konadu’s own siblings and you will know the sort of person I am talking about. Her own siblings cannot stand her. And all those who have worked with her in the past have terrible tales about her. This is the woman, who is seeking to be President of Ghana. Nana Konadu can only be president of herself. No one can stand her for long. She is a very bad person. I will not mince my words!

Those running around with Nana Konadu are just some hungry stomachs looking to give her false hope and chisel some of her wealth. Just ask yourself where Konadu got her money to form the NDP.  Who is Owusu Bempah in Ghana politics? And if Konadu is running around the political turf with people like Owusu Bempah, you can immediately tell where Konadu is heading to. Its political doom if that’s what you want to call it.

Nana Konadu is simply an expired political commodity. Nobody likes her brand because it stinks to the highest level. She is no factor in Ghana politics today nor will she ever be tomorrow. I will keep my bloody mouth shut if I were her.

If Konadu even gets more than 6,000 votes nationally in the upcoming presidential election, I will eat my shoes. Nana Konadu should just pack herself somewhere and give Ghanaians a break. The more she opens her mouth, the more she exposes herself. Who will make her a President of Ghana?

If you mention Konadu’s name in political circles, even the little flies following her for their daily “nook fio” look for cover. Her name simply stinks! And Konadu is better off taking care of her grannies than making a mess of herself.

This is what I’m leaving with you for now!

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