GHANA: IGP your allegiance is to the Constitution and not to a political party

Mr James Oppong-Boanuh, Inspector General of Police (IGP) in Ghana

The Ghana Police Service should be careful not to allow itself to be manipulated into serving the interest of any political party in the country.

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The recent reported cases of harassment and intimidation of journalists and other media organizations perceived to be critical of the government headed by the Human Rights lawyer is worrisome.

Ghana is a democratically run state governed by a sovereign document called a Constitution; a document that guarantees the rights of every individual to freedom of speech and freedom of opinion.

It is, therefore, foolish, for the Inspector General of Police, Mr. James Oppong-Boanuh, to allow the men and women under his command to be used as the TONTON MACOUTES of any sitting president. As a lawyer, we need not remind you of the legal implications.

It is true, the sitting president appoints the IGP, but in the final analysis, the IGP’s allegiance is to the people of Ghana and not to the president. Impartiality should be the guiding principle of running the Ghana Police Service in 21st Century Ghana.