First German-African ICT Forum Opens in Berlin

Mandarins in Information Technology and Security Brainstorm in the German Capital

Members of the panel on eGovernment/Photo: E. Agbelessessy
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Under the patronage of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, the first conference on IT and security began in Berlin today.

High-ranking experts in the sector, government officials, diplomats and representatives of the media will discuss topics ranging from Civil and Inner Security, ICT Infrastructure, ICT in the Health Sector and eGovernment.

The conference has added significance because of the importance of the sector in the economic advancement and growth in Africa.

According to Rafi Ghazi of the African Development Corporation (ADC), Africa has, in the last ten years, achieved an enormous growth in the ICT sector.

Ghazi observed that 70 percent of the foreign direct investment flew into the ICT sector.

In its report about the infrastructure of Africa, the World Bank states that nearly half of the growth success of the continent was linked to ICT.

The Bank predicts that “even in future it will generate minimum one percent of the yearly growth of the expected five percent.”

This successful development was also generated by the contibution of many German companies and hence the decision of the German-African Business Association to establish the conference IT and Security, the first of its kind currently taking place in Berlin.

In an exclusive interview with AfricaNewsAnalysis, Jan Nack, Sales Director Middle East and Africa of DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH, a pioneer in biometric research and development, says biometrics gives users the option to take “your key, your finger prints always with you.

Mr Jan Nack, Sales Director Middle East and Africa, Dermalog Identification Systems GmbH talks to ANA/Photo: E. Agbelessessy

“Because you don`t lose your fingers, biometrics allow you to use these keys to secure your data.”

He stressed that this “is very important in sectors like payments, authentication of government applicants for example and different other scenarios.

Nack said his company, which is already in Africa hope to use its links with the continent to transfer technology to its local partners.

Dermalog is the leading German company in biometric identification. As a pioneer in biometric identification, Dermalog has the widest range of biometric products available today, with many installations across the globe – including many large-scale installations.

Based in Hamburg, the company boasts its own in-house research and development facilities, OEM and marketing departments.

Employing scientists, engineers, researchers and other professionals across the globe, Dermalog has developed and established its business presence internationally with many proven successful installations and satisfied customers worldwide.