Facts, the Only Way (Asamoah Gyan Samuel Eto’o Saga part II continues)

3. The competitors’ sports achievements not in any year but the year 2010.

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This is the area where if one refuses to examine the records well, it may seems that Samuel Eto’o couldn’t come closer to Asamoah Gyan’s record during the year 2010. After the WC, it was obvious that an achievement which no one thought could have been possible to obtain became a reality due to Asamoah Gyan’s consistency in his performance.

On the contrary, with the four Samuel Eto’o’s ultimate trophies with his club against Gyan’s zero, the award could have gone to either one. In club-wise, Eto’o scored 3 goals (hat trick) against Werder Bremen 29th September to qualify his club during the UEFA Champions league. Don’t forget in March 16th, this same year too, it was Eto’o’s goal against the English Premier League giants, Chelsea, that clinched the quarter final berth for his club in the Champion’s League. On top of it all, in the year of review, Samuel Eto’o Fils became the first player in the Africa continent, to win the treble in consecutive seasons. Asamoah Gyan fell short in his category because with his former club, Rennes, they were out of the picture. Besides with his new club, it is too early to conclude since the year has ended.

4. The player’s charisma and influence termed the fourth criterion so read along.

Concerning this particular criterion, it could be decided partially, and therefore is better not to talk about it. The reason is both charisma and influence will depend on where the player is from. As Samuel Eto’o is the king and being worshiped in his country, so is Asamoah Gyan. In order words, criterion #4 wasn’t supposed to be included, because there is no fact whatsoever to support it.

5. The Popularity of the two candidates.

As for popularity, Gyan has taken it all due to his African Cup of Nations, and the WC games performances and his world known dance after scoring. The fact to decide this criterion was acquired from Goal.com. According to Goal.com, because of Asamoah Gyan’s popularity, this year, its website has gained audience more than last year. This means fans go there to read about Asamoah Gyan more than any other player from the African continent. Such a fact from a creditable site has declared Asamoah Gyan as the most popular player, not only in African, but also in the world during the year 2010.

Therefore, the award could have gone either way as I indicated. One essential statement the debaters have excluded in this debate is the immediate statement before the listing of the criteria which was informed in the early paragraph to be aware off. Once again, here is the statement, “Any player of African origin playing within or outside Africa and EXCEL ABOVE ALL in terms of ACHIEVEMENT and PERFORMANCE during the year under review. “


What Samuel Eto’o accomplished this year no one, in the continent, has ever accomplished that. By the facts gathered from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, “In 2010, he became the first player to win two European

Asamoah Gyan did wonderfully well and if it wasn’t the fact that what Samuel Eto’o achieved was beyond imagination, Gyan would have been crowned with the ultimate. What killed Gyan’s dreams this year was an achievement with nothing to show for. If the Black Stars was to reach the semi-final berth in this year’s WC tournament then that could have been a new development and a new historical record for his continent, his country, and himself. As usual, World Cup glory takes the lion’s share when it comes in comparison with the rest of the tournaments. Unfortunately, it was he who threw it away.

Gyan is loved by all; however, we can’t possibly be that blind about the truth. Therefore, the one who really took Asamoah Gyan’s prestigious award from Asamoah Gyan was Asamoah Gyan himself. He should have allowed Stephen Appiah to take the last minute penalty against Uruguay when he was tired and was limping on the field during the last ten minutes of the match. This award would certainly have been his even if Appiah may have as well missed the penalty. It would have been in everyone’s minds that Gyan would have scored for the fact that he indeed scored the previous ones he took. I hope we all learn from this experience especially the young footballers coming. Let the facts do the talking.

“In all things, get understanding, get wisdom”

Ransford F. Peprah (Football Analyst)

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