Editorial: Ghana – NDC politician promises “No Go Areas” in the country

Abdel Aziz Mohammed, aspiring National Zongo Caucus Coordinator of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC)/Photo: Adom ONLINE

An aspiring National Zongo Caucus Coordinator of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Abdul Aziz Mohammed has reportedly declared that he will make Zongo communities “no go areas” for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) should he win the race. (See main article under AFRICA)

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This comment is treasonous, it is against the Letter and Spirit of the Constitution of the Republic of Ghana. The Constitution of Ghana guarantees the free movement of the citizens of Ghana to every nook and corner of the country, without let or hindrance. And, for a politician to threaten making certain areas of the country “no go areas” means that politician is tearing the Constitution into pieces. It amounts to a declaration of war on the country.

We are not aware of any “no go areas” in Ghana of all countries; a country priding itself as the “Gateway to West Africa” should resist any attempt to create a “No go Area” by people with such mentalities as Boko Haram. Normally, we dismiss such rantings as the empty shouts of an idiot; however, coming from someone seeking political office, such comments should be viewed with the seriousness it deserves.

Is the said Abdul Aziz Mohammed truly a member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC)? A party whose traditions are rooted in Social Democratic persuasion? Does he know what the tenents of Social Democracy is? We have our doubts; for if he knows, he will not be making such utterances.

Such comments are better left to terrorist organizations like the BOKO Haram and not an aspiring leader seeking political office. The Zongos do not belong to any one political party in Ghana. To say that you will chase a group of people from the Zongos is tantamount to saying that you will employ terrorist tactics to get them out. For what will you do if the other political parties refuses to leave? How do you drive them out? With guns? With arguments? Tell the people. How?

Abdel Aziz Mohammed, would you set your own house, a house you toiled to build, on fire? If you are truly a son of Ghana, would you really like to see the country of your birth in mayhem? If you have nothing concrete to offer the people of Ghana, do not seek political position.

Such irresponsible comments should be condemned by all men and women of peace; should be condemned by all the political parties in Ghana. What Ghana needs at this moment is development and not this type of irresponsible and silly comments. You win people as a politician with arguments; progressive and sensible and civilized arguments.

Political leaders uttering such loose, irresponsible, dangerous comments are a danger to Ghana and Africa and they should be jettisoned into the dust bin of history.

The aspiring National Zongo Caucus Coordinator of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Abdul Aziz Mohammed should be made aware that Ghana is not a Banana Republic. If he is not aware of that fact, he should be sent back to school to get himself acquainted with the political history of Ghana. He should be made aware that Ghana is a very peaceful country and that we are not able to entertain people with terrorist thinking in our midst.

The executives of the NDC should re-educate him to learn to communicate in a civilized manner. The youth of Ghana, irrespective of where they live, whether in the Zongos, at Tudu, Accra New Town, Aboabo, New Zongo or Ashanti New Town, or Teshie Nungua or James Town etc. want to live in peace and prosperity in this 21st century.