Chancellor Merkel: This app deserves your trust

German Chancellor Angela Merkel/BPA

In her new podcast, Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel calls on Germans to use the Corona Warning App, stressing that the app could become a „companion and protector“ and help to interrupt infection chains.

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Since Tuesday last week, the free Corona-Warn-App is available for download in the App stores of Google and Apple. The Chancellor was delighted that millions of people have already downloaded the app in this first week.

By Friday morning the number of installations reached 9.6 million. This was announced by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) on Twitter.

„It was worthwhile that we paid attention to absolute transparency, comprehensive data protection and the highest IT security during development,“ Merkel emphasizes. „Today we can say: This app deserves your trust.

The use of the app is voluntary, Merkel emphasizes. There are no rewards for using it and no disadvantages if someone decides against it. But there are particularly good arguments in favour of the app: the intrinsic interest in knowing that one might have been exposed to a risk of infection – but also the benefit for the community. „The more people participate, the greater this benefit,“ says Merkel.

The most important thing, she says, is to prevent new infections from the outset. „And for that it still depends on how we all behave. Keeping our distance, washing our hands, and wearing everyday masks remains essential.“

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