Capital Congress ends in Berlin

Mr Daniel Bahr, Federal Health Minister addresses the Congress/Photo: Schmidt-Dominé/WISO
One of the most important congresses in the German health sector, the Capital Congress, Medicine and Health, came to an end at Berlin’s International Congress Centre (ICC) Friday.

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The congress, June 13-15, was attended by over 8,000 participants, comprising mandarins from health economy, medicine, home care, politics and the media.

Other participants include management representatives, insurance companies and chambers as well as representatives of associations in the health sector.

This year’s event was opened by Germany’s Health Minister, Mr Daniel Bahr who stressed in his address the importance of the sector in the economy as a whole.

Bahr observed that with 4.8 million employees in the health economy, the health sector has established itself as a stability factor contributing about 11.6 percent of GDP, stressing that it also boasts both high qualified and low qualified employees.

The minister observed that, the health sector was one of the most important branches in the economy despite the demographic developments with services being provided where the those in need are located adding that the demand for healthcare will grow and it is one of the most secure employment avenues.

With the high image of the German health sector in the world, Minister Bahr observed that a demographic development was a chance for the health economy.

With the annual participation of high-ranking personalise at the congress, the importance of health was steadily increasing both politically and economically.

It is imperative to note that the health care industry has established itself as one of the key strategic markets of the future with great opportunities for economic growth as well as the creation of employment.

As noted by Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Member of Parliament and Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), the health care industry was faced with challenges of quality of care and solidarity in an aging society adding that “health is not just a private issue, but critical to our community”, as a whole.

Over 180 events with around 600 speakers from both Germany and abroad attended the congress.