BVL 43rd General Assembly

BVL Members confirm strategy of board and management/ Photo Credit: BVL

Members confirm strategy of Executive Board and management
Solidary strengthening of the income side
New and re-elections / Honours for retiring committee members

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This year’s BVL General Assembly, which was supposed to take place during the transport logistic trade fair in Munich, was broadcast on the internet yesterday, Monday, from the StreamLab studios in Bremen. Votes were cast by transferring voting rights to a few members present in the studios, who cast their votes there directly. A total of 181 members were represented with voting rights.

The Executive Board and management reported to the members on an eventful 2020, which began with a highly successful Forum Automobile Logistics, but in which, after the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, only isolated presence formats were possible – such as the Trade Logistics Congress and the Forum Spare Parts Logistics. „The presence at the German Logistics Congress in October then fell victim to the second wave of the pandemic, an unparalleled test of stress and agility,“ says Chairman Prof. Thomas Wimmer.

Managing Director Uwe Peters explained that BVL had realised three quarters of its income from events in 2019. This income had fallen by 85 per cent in 2020. BVL is counteracting this with a painful cost-cutting and restructuring programme, but must also expect reduced income from the event business in 2021. The annual accounts for 2020 and the budget for 2021 were approved by the members. The members unanimously discharged the board and the auditors, each with their own abstention.

In order to strengthen the income side of BVL, the board and management put to the vote an increase in membership fees differentiated according to member groups from 2022 as well as a special levy for 2021. Uwe Peters pointed out that the increase would not go beyond compensating for inflation over the last 20 years – while at the same time significantly expanding the association’s offerings. These two measures, which strengthen BVL’s financial leeway for the implementation of its Forward Strategy 2025, were also confirmed by the members. The board and management expressed their gratitude for the solidarity with which the members support their association – and share the burden on many shoulders.

Personelle Veränderungen in den Gremien

Neu in den Vorstand wählten die Mitglieder Dorothea von Boxberg, CEO der Lufthansa Cargo AG. Für eine weitere dreijährige Amtszeit wiedergewählt wurde Frank Dreeke, CEO der BLG Logistics Group. Er wurde nach seiner Wahl als stellvertretender Vorstandsvorsitzender und Mitglied des Finanzausschusses bestätigt. Die Mitglieder verabschiedeten nach zwölfjähriger höchst engagierter Vorstandsarbeit den Rechnungsführer Dr.-Ing. Stefan Wolff, Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrats der 4flow AG. Seine Nachfolge im Amt des Rechnungsführers tritt Stephan Wohler an, Mitglied des Vorstands der Edeka Minden-Hannover sowie der Edeka Foodservice Stiftung und & Co. KG. Er wird damit neben dem Vorstandsvorsitzenden Prof. Thomas Wimmer und Frank Dreeke Mitglied des BVL-Präsidiums. Bereits im März hatte der Lufthansa-Vorstand Peter Gerber anlässlich seines beruflichen Wechsels nach Brüssel sein BVL-Vorstandsmandat niedergelegt. Aus dem zweiköpfigen Team der Kassenprüfer verabschiedete sich Wolfgang Simonis. Wiedergewählt als Kassenprüfer wurde Dr. Maik Speel, neu gewählt wurde Dr. Andreas Mansch.


The BVL is supported by the commitment of many voluntary members and the dedication of those responsible in the office. With great thanks and honorary membership in the BVL, the Board honoured the outgoing Board member Dr.-Ing. Stefan Wolff as well as the outgoing Advisory Board member Prof. Frank Straube (TU Berlin). Straube was a member of the Executive Board for twelve years and then a member of the Advisory Council for ten years. The Board of Management awards the Golden Badge of Honour to Thomas Zernechel, Head of Group Logistics at Volkswagen AG until the end of 2020, who is retiring from the Advisory Board after ten years. Uwe Peters, BVL’s retiring full-time Managing Director at the end of June 2021, also receives the Golden Pin of Honour for his achievements.

Founded in 1978, the Bundesvereinigung Logistik (BVL) e. V. is a non-profit, neutral and predominantly voluntary organisation. As a platform for logistics managers in industry, trade and services, for scientists and students, it forms a bridge between business and science with almost 11,000 members today and is a podium for the national and international exchange of ideas between managers from logistics and supply chain management.

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