BEHIND THE JUBILEE HOUSE: Ruling NPP’s political gangsters

Faces of the two Ghanaian political gansters before the fighting

Is that your ways of showing the youth of Ghana that you are to be taken serious as ROLE MODELS?

Face of one of the gansters after the fighting
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Two leading National Patriotic Party (NPP) members exchanged blows instead of exchanging ideas to settle a score. Looking at this reprehensible behaviour, why would not the youth allow themselves to be turned into political vigilantes? This shameful brigandage has no place in Ghana’s current democratic dispensation.

Look at this, seems to be shamlessly smiling

The two political gansters: Charles Bissue, described as a Presidential staffer, possibly at the Jubilee House, and George Mireku Duker, Member of Parliament for Tarkwa Nsuem, decided to exhibit their muscle prowess at the Kingston Hotel, Takoradi, in Ghana.

The bitten finger of Mireku Duker, the Member of Parliament

It does not matter over what these two political brigands were fighting, they would forever remain disgraceful figures when Ghana’s political history in the 21st Century comes to be written.

Why is it that, for some of you, Ghanaian politicians, there seems to be nothing good coming out of you? What sort of a country do you hope to leave behind for the future generation?

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