Bearer of emotional placard explains rationale behind his words


Even though he knew he could lose his life, young Papilo said his pessimism was for a good cause.

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The #FixTheCountry demonstration that took place yesterday, Wednesday, August 4, 2021, was inundated with many placards, typical of every protest. 

However, one particular message that caught the attention of many was that of a young man who was uncertain of his life after the protest. 

His placard read “I may not return home alive from this „demo“. And if I don’t, Mama, remember I died fighting for the betterment of the next generation. #NewConstitutionNow”

The message got many talking and made waves on social media even before the picketing was climaxed at the Independence Square. 

In an exclusive with, the young man, who gave his identity as “Papilo”, said, his words were guided by history, but got determined nonetheless, prioritising his hopes over his fears. 

“We came for a peaceful demonstration, but due to what has happened before, we are sending a message to our mother that, whatever happens to us here, even if we don’t come home, we are telling her we are fighting for the next generation”

“We are doing a peaceful demonstration,  but some people have gone for peaceful demonstrations and died before so we are prepared to die for our country,” Papilo told

Commenting on how the demonstration went, Papilo stated everything went on peacefully as envisaged. 

“It has gone on peacefully as we planned –no violence, we’ve demonstrated peacefully,  and we are going home peacefully,” he indicated.


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