Behind the Berlin Wall: His Excellency Roland Issifu Alhassan – Ghana’s Ambassador of Unity by Daou Jawara, Diplomatic Correspondent, AfricaNewsAnalysis

Ambassador Rowland Issifu Alhassan (right) swearing in Kwame Abrefa Busia UGAG’s first president on 29 May 2004 in Ludwigshafen, Germany.

„My ambition is to bring all Ghanaians under one organisation. I want to be in touch with every Ghanaian in Germany and I can only do so if there are representatives of Ghanaians in all parts of the country.“ Late Ambassador Roland Alhassan, the first lawyer from the Northern Region of Ghana and then Ghana’s Ambassador to Federal Republic of Germany.

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On Saturday, May 29, 2004, Late Ambassador Dr Alhassan realisation of a dream of having one organisation to represent all Ghanaians in Germany, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania irrespective of their ethnicity, religion or political ideology by launching a non-political, non-ethnic and non-religious Ghanaian organisation in Germany. It was a happy moment of the hard work of then Ambassador Roland Alhassan who, since taking office as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Ghana to Federal Republic of Germany in 2001, expressed his ambition of uniting Ghanaians under one organisation. He was the first Ghanaian Ambassador to be able to unite his people in Germany.

During his time as Ghana’s Ambassador to Germany, he lived by example, pursued simple lifestyle by renting a three bedroom apartment and also worked from a container so that he can save money to buy a mission house for Ghana without stressing the government of Ghana.

By the end of his term as Ghana’s Ambassador to Germany, he was able to buy two houses and renovate them and today these facilities houses Ghana’s Embassy in Berlin. Thanks to Ambassador Alhassan’s vision, Ghana today owns its mission house and not renting like other embassies.

Since the end of Ambassador Alhassan’s term, the Ghanaian communities in Germany, Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania have never been the same. All the Ghanaian Ambassadors that followed late Ambassador Alhassan’s tour of duty failed to maintain the unity of Ghanaians. Subsequent Ambassadors   rather dealt with Ghanaians based on party political ideology.

This situation has rendered Ghana’s Ambassadors unpopular within their own people. Most Ghanaians living in Germany do not even know who the current Ambassador and the name of the Ambassador is.

Late Ambassador Dr Roland Alhassan has been missed by many Ghanaians in Germany who knew him. He was the Ambassador of all Ghanaians unlike those who came after him.

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