Always on, not turned off: O2 free unleashes mobile communication

o2-free-logo-blauverlauf-1280x720Paradigm shift with new tariff portfolio O2 Free

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Unlimited browsing, streaming and chatting anytime and anywhere even after consumption of high-speed data

All applications of every-day mobile life available endlessly at all times

Using messenger apps, sending emails, browsing the web or streaming music, all on the go – starting 5th October all this is possible endlessly with O2. With its new tariff portfolio O2 Free, Telefónica Deutschland unleashes digital life. In future, customers will be online at all times and places throughout Germany at up to 1 mbit/s, even once they have used up their included high-speed data volume. As a result, no one has to go without WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube or other applications that make digital life easier on the go. With O2, the fear of being throttled to minimum speed is a thing of the past. “We are ringing in a new age – offline is no more,” says Markus Haas, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Telefónica Deutschland. “People want to be permanently online, without having to worry about their data consumption. Only this way are they able to travel the digital world and enjoy real freedom. For this reason O2 Free is turning it up, not off – at all times, all places and at fair value for money.”

In the past months, Telefónica Deutschland has performed a comprehensive analysis of what smartphone users really consider key. One wish played a leading role: Mobile people do not want to go without their digital lives. Messenger services, browsing the web as well as sending pictures and e-mails have to function in all situations and around the clock. Yet, for the majority of users, this is not in the first place a question of high bandwidth. Online access with sufficient speed is far more important. O2 Free makes this possible at prices starting at 24.99 Euros per month. Corresponding with customers’ individual needs, all tariff packages also include some high-speed data volume: The high-speed data packages range from 1 GB (O2 Free S for 24.99 Euros per month) right up to 8 GB Turbo (O2 Free XL for 54.99 Euro per month). Of course, O2 customers with existing O2 Blue All-in tariffs also have the chance to book the O2 Free Option for 5 Euros a month so that they can be online at all times and places at up to 1 mbit/s, even once they have used up their included high-speed data volume. With O2 Free, Telefónica Deutschland is revolutionizing the market and highlights its ambition as OnLife Telco. Everyone should make use of the achievements of digitization in a way that fits their wishes, preferences and habits. With O2 Banking, the O2 TV & Video App as well as the cooperation with Sky, O2 has launched several disruptive offerings on the market over the past months. They consistently circle around customers’ needs. O2 Free is the next logical step: In future, customers will be able to use their usual daily applications at all times. O2 Free will also be available for business customers. Further details will be announced shortly.